23 May 2016

Important Computer Questions for SBI / UIIC Exams 2016

Important Computer Questions for SBI Clerk Exams 2016
Important Computer Questions for SBI / UIIC Exams 2016 Set-37:
The List of Important Computer Knowledge Questions for SBI Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

1). A ______ is not a form of Biometrics
a)   Fingerprint
b)   Password
c)   Retina Scan
d)   Breath Scan
e)   None of these

2). Reference to each file on a disk are stored in a _________
a)   File allocation table
b)   Root allocation table
c)   Linking directory
d)   Root directory
e)   None of these

3). Buffering in printers is necessary because
a)   Computer is fast in generating data for printing then printer can print it.
b)   There is not enough memory provided with printers
c)   It is only because to make printer work for more years
d)   Both (1) and (2)
e)   None of these

4). Assembly instructions are in the form of
a)   Binary digits
b)   In digits and numbers
c)   In general English
d)   In a new format different from all the above
e)   None of these

5). Airlines reservation system is a typical example of
a)   Batch Processing
b)   On-line Processing
c)   Real time Processing
d)   All of the above
e)   None of these

6). Which of the following memories below is often used in a typical computer operation?
a)   RAM
b)   ROM
c)   FDD
d)   HDD
e)   None of these

7). Which of the following is not a logic gate?
a)   AND
b)   OR
c)   NOT
d)   NAT
e)   None of these

8). ___________ is the part of the computer that you can physically touch
a)   Hardware
b)   A device
c)   A peripheral
d)   An application
e)   None of these

9). The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the :
a)   Digital device
b)   Internet divide
c)   Web divide
d)   Broadband divide
e)   None of these

10). DSL is an example of a(n) _________ connection.
a)   Network
b)   Wireless
c)   Slow
d)   Broadband
e)   None of these

1).b)   2).a)   3).d)   4).e)   5).d)   6).a)   7).d)   8).a)   9).a)   10).d)  

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