26 May 2016

Important Tips to Answer Cloze Test in English Section

Important Tips to Answer Cloze Test in English Section:
Dear Readers, Important tips to solve cloze test in English Question in all Banking and all other competitive exams were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use it.

Cloze test is an extensive variation of the sentence completion test. Candidates are required to make a choice from multiple alternatives for each word blanked out, not in a sentence but in a passage. Thus this test evaluates the candidate’s vocabulary power and his ability to judge the overall meaning of a passage even when some words are missing.

Practical Tip:
A passage consists of sentences which are logically related to one another. Therefore, first of all, read the whole passage, get a rough idea of its contents and keep them in your mind as a background. Concentrate on this background to find clues. Use the following tips as well.
1.     If you know the answer, immediately tick it. NO technique is to be adopted. The whole process will work in a flash.
2.    When you are not sure of the answer, make the right choice through the process of elimination.

Elimination Technique à Alternatives à Step-1 (Structure) à Step-2 (Meaning) à Step-3 à Common Usage and Nuances à Step-4 (Clues) à Step-5 (Reasoning) à Target or Correct Choice

Step 1: Judge if any of them does not fit into the structure (eliminate).
Step 2: Judge if any of them does not fit in with the meaning (eliminate).
Step 3: Among/ between the remaining apply your awareness of the common usage or nuances of words.
Step 4: Try to find out a clue in the sentence or in a sentence preceding or succeeding it. Sometimes
The clue is hidden many sentences away.
Step 5: If the final choice has not been reached even now, apply the method of reasoning to hit the target.

Practice Set Cloze Test Questions:
The skin’s worst enemy is the sun. If you avoid 1  you can 2 to prolong the young and      skin. The sun  4  deprive the skin of  5  hastening the appearance of  6  lines and wrinkles that  7  is all about. It is  8  responsible for many skin  9  like pigmentation, discoloration, freckles and  10  skin cancer. So, protect the skin with a sunscreen and moisturize it daily.

a)    Extra exposure to the sun
b)    Much
c)    Additional
d)    Excessive

a)    Aid
b)    Help
c)    Assist
d)    Make

a)    Handsomeness of the
b)    Luxury
c)    Beauty
d)    Suppleness

a)    Can
b)    May
c)    Shall
d)    Will

a)    Water
b)    Dampness
c)    Wetness
d)    Moisture

a)    These
b)    Those
c)    Some
d)    Certain

a)    Growing
b)    Increasing
c)    Ageing
d)    Mellowing

a)    Also
b)    Besides
c)    Even
d)    Possibly

a)    Itches
b)    Illness
c)    Questions
d)    Problems

a)    A certainly
b)    Even
c)    Some
d)    Certain