SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions
SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-17:
Dear Readers, SBI Clerk 2016 Examination is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.

1). Amazon has invested ______ crore in its Indian unit.
a)   Rs.1980cr
b)   Rs.1990cr
c)   Rs.2000cr
d)   Rs.2010cr
e)   None or the above

2). HCL Technologies has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Center in partnership with _______.
a)   Micromax
b)   Microsoft
c)   Alphabet
d)   Facebook
e)   None of the above

3). Reliance JioInfocomm launched its JionetWifi services at _______'s new Andal airport.
a)   Tripura
b)   Meghalaya
c)   Sikkim
d)   West Bengal
e)   None of the above

4). Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India plans to raise ________ million from Chinese financial markets through panda bonds to finance demand for credit.
a)   $100million
b)   $200million
c)   $300million
d)   $400million
e)   None of the above

5). Which Airline Company has revised upward its domestic flight ticket cancellation charges by Rs 500?
a)   AirIndia
b)   Go Air
c)   IndiGo
d)   Jet Airways
e)   None of the above

6). Which Country has logged a record milk production figure of 146.31 million tonnes in 2014-15 as compared to 137.7 million tonnes a year before?
a)   India
b)   Russia
c)   Canada
d)   China
e)   None of the above

7). Bihar cabinet gives approval to Metro project in _________ at an estimated cost of Rs 16,960 crore.
a)   Nagaland
b)   Bagaha
c)   Patna
d)   Nohsa
e)   None of the above

8). Which Country signed a long-term deal (‘$16 billion’ gas deal) with Pakistan to export liquefied natural gas, according to state media in the Gulf?
a)   Saudi Arabia
b)   Singapore
c)   Qatar
d)   Iran
e)   None of the above

9). India and ______ are expected to close the purchase of 36 Rafale multi-role fighters from Dassault Aviation deal at lower price of Rs 60,000 cr.
a)   Pakistan
b)   France
c)   Malaysia
d)   Bhutan
e)   None of the above

10). EPFO is planning onetime bonus of _______ crore for its subscribers in FY16.
a)   Rs.600cr
b)   Rs.700cr
c)   Rs.750cr
d)   Rs.800cr
e)   None of the above

1).a)  2).b)  3).d)  4).c)  5).a)  6).a)  7).c)  8).c)  9).b)  10).c)

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