11 May 2016

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions
SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions Set-26:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). When is Earth day observed around the world?
a)   10th May
b)   22nd April
c)   25th March
d)   19th July
e)   21st August

2). Who has developed world’s lightest material Silica Aerogel?
a)   Harvard
b)   ISRO
c)   Caltech
d)   NUS
e)   None of the above

3). Who has become the President of Chad?
a)   SalehKebzabo
b)   LaokeinKourayoMbaiherem
c)   HissèneHabré
d)   IdrissDeby
e)   None of the above

4). Which country is co-developing Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) System?
a)   Iran
b)   Iraq
c)   Turkmenistan
d)   Bangladesh
e)   China

5). When Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry launched Twitter Seva?
a)   21 April 2016
b)   23 March 2016
c)   31 May 2016
d)   1 March 2016
e)   2 February 2016

6). Who has won the 2016 Barcelona Open?
a)   Kei Nishikori
b)   Rafael Nadal
c)   Roger Federer
d)   Guillermo Vilas
e)   Andy Murray

7). Which country has launched $1 Trillion Potential Solar Programme under ISA with India?
a)   France
b)   Germany
c)   Egypt
d)   Japan
e)   China

8). Who will head the committee constituted for doubling farmers’ income by 2022?
a)   Radha Mohan Singh
b)   Ashok Dalwai
c)   Birender Singh
d)   M Venkaiah Naidu
e)   None of the above

9). Joint exercise ‘Nomadic Elephant’ is held between India and ___?
a)   Mongolia
b)   China
c)   Thailand
d)   Japan
e)   Bhutan

10). Kigali is the capital city of which country?
a)   Angola
b)   Tanzania
c)   Zambia
d)   Rwanda
e)   Burundi


1)b   2)b   3)d   4)e   5)a   6)b   7)a   8)b   9)a   10)d

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