13 May 2016

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions
SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions Set-28:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). Name the medical and health organisations which published the World Malaria Report 2015.
a)   MSF
b)   CBM
c)   Red Cross
e)   WHO

2). Victoria Wood, famous actress, who recently passed away as of which nationality?
a)   English
b)   American
c)   Canadian
d)   Australian
e)   South African

3). When Civil Services Day was first observed in India?
a)   1953 April 21st
b)   1968April 21st
c)   2001April 21st
d)   2006 April 21st
e)   2014April 21st

4). Government has set a target of constructing _______ km national highways in 2016-17.
a)   15000
b)   18456
c)   19000
d)   20000
e)   25000

5). Who has been appointed as the Lokayukta of Goa?
a)   Uday U Lalit
b)   AshishBadre
c)   PK Mishra
d)   Colin Gonsalves
e)   AmithKanekar

6). Which continent has become the first one to eradicate malaria?
a)   Asia
b)   Africa
c)   South America
d)   Europe
e)   North America

7). Which railway station has been nominated as the “Green Station”?
a)   Sealdah Railway Station
b)   RameswaramRailway Station
c)   Lumding Junction Railway Station
d)   GolokganiRailway Station
e)   Rourkela Railway Station

8). Which state government has got the first large-scale battery-based energy storage project in India?
a)   Haryana
b)   Odisha
c)   Kerala
d)   Karnataka
e)   Maharashtra

9). Which is the first private sector bank in India to open dedicated branch for startups?
a)   Dena Bank
b)   HDFC Bank
c)   ICICI Bank
d)   RBL Bank
e)   Axis Bank

10). Government has launched the Twinning network program in which state?
a)   Assam
b)   Nagaland
c)   Tripura
d)   Himachal Pradesh
e)   Jammu and Kashmir

1). e) 2). a) 3). d) 4). a) 5). c) 6). d) 7). b) 8). a) 9). d) 10). b) 

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