5 May 2016

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice English Questions (Fill Ups)

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice English Questions (Reading Comprehension)
SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice English Questions (Fill Ups) Set-27:
Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016 was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions: (01-09): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers a), b), c), d) and e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

1). As a ________ of medicine Ayurveda has witnessed ________ growth in the last two decades.
a)   system, phenomenal
b)   genre, thumping
c)   branch, increasing
d)   alternative, sufficient
e)   counterpart, sharp

2). In mature democracies, ________ of national importance are ________ without a trace of politics.
a)   policies, enacted
b)   concern, subjected
c)   issues, drawn
d)   cases, looked
e)   matters, debated

3). If a government loses its ________ in the legislature, it should ________ gracefully and allow the opposition to form a new government.
a)   confidence, admit
b)   majority, quit
c)   grip, react
d)   command, manage
e)   monopoly, compromise

4). With fixed tenures, governments defeated on the ________ of the legislature would not be able to force ________ elections on the people.
a)   front, biased
b)   ground, indirect
c)   house, unfair
d)   floor, premature
e)   table, undue

5). This move is likely to bring some ________ of order in higher education and will go a long way in ________ equal opportunities for all.
a)   change, cementing
b)   merit, serving
c)   relief, establishing
d)   semblance, ensuring
e)   unity, discussing

6). We in India have not only given in to politicians, but ________ to ________ them whenever we can.
a)   aspire, imitate
b)   evade, oblige
c)   compromise, challenge
d)   deny, contest
e)   surrender, force

7). Politicians are just too strong for the meek ________ that some organisations ________ against them from time to time.
a)   voting, cast
b)   protest, spell
c)   resistance, mount
d)   courage, stage
e)   opposition, flaunt

8). It is a man’s highest duty to ________ himself with the whole world and when that happens he ________ others like himself.
a)   associate, preaches
b)   observe, follows
c)   unite, serves
d)   position, worships
e)   identify, considers

9). For a perfect person and for those ________ for perfection, doing good to others is always ________.
a)   pining, remedy
b)   striving, spontaneous
c)   fighting, appreciated
d)   competing, cheered
e)   looking, praiseworthy

1). a)   2). e)   3). b)   4). d)   5). d)   6). a)   7). c)   8). e)   9). b)

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