5 May 2016

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 - Sectional Practice Test-15

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Sectional Practice Test-15:
Dear Readers, Here we have provide the sectional practice test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 which consist of questions from all the three section, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

1). A certain sum is invested for certain time. It amounts to Rs 450 at 7% per annum. But when invested at 5% per annum, it amounts to Rs 350. Find the time.
a)   50 years
b)   60 years
c)   45 years
d)   40 years
e)   65 years

2). The simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 6% per annum is Rs 300. Find the compound interest at the same rate for the same time?
a)   Rs.307
b)   Rs.308
c)   Rs.309
d)   Rs.310
e)   Can’t be determined

3). There are 75 students in a class, 48 rupees are distributed among them so that each boy gets Re 1 and each girl gets 40 P. Find the number of boys and girls in that class.
a)   30, 45
b)   45, 30
c)   40, 35
d)   35, 40
e)   25, 50

4). If 5 men and 2 boys working together can do 4 times as much work per hour as a man and a boy together, compare the work of a man with that of a boy.
a)   2:1
b)   3:1
c)   4:1
d)   Can’t be determined
e)   None of the above

5). 120 metres long train crosses a tunnel of length 80metres in 20 seconds. Find the time for train to cross a man standing on a platform of length 130 metres.
a)   14sec
b)   16sec
c)   18sec
d)   12sec
e)   10sec

6). Statements:
Some bags are trunks
All trunks are shirts
Some shirts are books
All books are shops.
I. Some shops are bags
II. Some books are bags
III. Some shops are shirts
IV. Some shirts are bags.
a)   Only I and II follow
b)   Only I and III follow
c)   Only III and IV follow
d)   Only II and IV follow
e)   None of these

7). Statements:
All pens are chairs
All flowers are chairs
All chairs are trucks
All trees are trucks.
I. Some trucks are pens
II. Some trucks are chairs
III. Some trees are pens
IV. Some trees are chairs.
a)   Only I and II follow
b)   Only I and III follow
c)   Only III and IV follow
d)   Only II and IV follow
e)   None of these

8). Statements:
All desks are pillars
Some pillars are towns
All towns are benches
Some benches are cars
I. Some cars are towns
II. Some benches are desks
III. Some benches are pillars
IV. Some cars are pillars.
a)   Only I follows
b)   Only II follows
c)   Only III follows
d)   Only IV follows
e)   None follows

9). Statements:
All stations are houses
No house is garden
Some gardens are rivers
All rivers are pounds
I. Some ponds are gardens
II. Some ponds are stations
III. Some ponds are houses
IV. No pond is station.
a)   Only I follows
b)   Only either II or IV follows
c)   Only I and II follows
d)   Only I and IV follows
e)   None of these

10). Statements:
Some towers are lanes
Some lanes are roads
Some roads are roads
Some rivers are jungles.
I. Some jungles are roads
II. Some roads are lanes
III. Some jungles are towers
IV. No jungle is road.
a)   Only I follows
b)   Only II follows
c)   Only either I or IV follows
d)   Only IV follows
e)   Only either I or IV and II follows

Directions (11-15): In each of the questions below four sentences are given which are denoted by A), B), C) and D). By using all the four sentences you have to frame a meaningful para. The correct order of the sentences is your answer. Choose from the five alternatives the one having the correct order of sentences and mark it as your answer.

A. At best, it has had one or two dangerous bowlers in an attack of four.
B. Except for a brief spell in the 1970s, India has never had a match-winning bowling combination.
C. But this comes as no surprise to those who have followed Indian cricket over the last 50 years.
D. India has one of the worst bowling attacks in the world.
a)   ABCD
b)   DCBA
c)   CDAB
d)   BCAD
e)   CBAD

A. Language, it was once said, is a dialect backed by an army.
B. Despite more than 50 years of state sponsorship, neither Urdu nor Hindi, at least in its official incarnation, has gained the allegiance of the people at large.
C. Yet, the history of ‘national’ languages in the region tells a very different story.
D. On the face of it, this is perhaps more true of the Indian subcontinent than any other part of the world.
a)   ADCB
b)   2 ) BDCA
c)   DCBA
d)   CDBA
e)   CABD

A. We should judge and determine if our acts are correct, whether they are appropriate before the Lord who has granted us life.
B. We should live in a manner that material considerations and personal benefits don’t matter.
C. Every one of us should find the time for meditation and communion with the Almighty.
D. If we find we have acted properly, we should fear no one.
a)   DCBA
b)   ABCD
c)   CADB
d)   ACBD
e)   DACB

A. Therefore, all this breast-beating about the few knocking advertisements that are being aired, taking potshots at our political leaders, is needless.
B. The right to information is the bedrock of a true democracy.
C. By the very fact that these politicians are in the public space and are seeking our mandate to represent us and rule this country for the next five years, we have the right to know both their pluses and minuses.
D. What is not spelt out but is implicit in this right is that the information can be both negative as well as positive.
a)   ABCD
b)   DCBA
c)   CDAB
d)   DABC
e)   BDAC

A. An individual’s decline begins with desire and ends in misery.
B. Animals take life as it comes, but when man fails to do a certain thing or to possess certain things, he gets angry and slips into mental depression.
C. To keep the mind happy, we have to learn to be content with minimum wants.
D. Human beings are the only species in God’s creation who make an issue out of nothing.
a)   BACD
b)   DCBA
c)   ABCD
d)   DBAC
e)   ACBD

1)a   2)c   3)a   4)a   5)d   6).c   7).b   8).d   9).e  10).e  11).b  12). a  13).c  14).e  15). d  

1). a) A certain sum is invested for certain time, amounts to Rs A1 at r1% per annum. But when invested r2% per annum, it amounts to Rs A2, then the time is given by
[(A1 – A2)/(A2r1 – A1r2)] x 100
Therefore, time = [(450 – 350)/(350 x 7 – 450 x 5)] x 100 = 50
2). c) If the SI on a certain sum for 2 years at r% be Rs 'S' then the CI is given by the following formula, CI = (r + 200)/200 x S = (6 + 200)/200 x 300 = Rs. 309
3). a) Mean value of money per student = 4800/65 = 64P





Therefore, Boys : Girls = 4 : 6
Therefore number of boys = 75/10 x 4 = 30
Number of girls = 75 – 30 = 45
4). a) Let 5 men and 2 boys can do the work in X days. Hence a man and a boy together can do the samework in 4X days.
If a1 men and b1 boys can do a piece of work in x days and a2 men and b2 boys can do it in y days, then the following relationship is obtained
1 man = (yb2 – xb1)/(xa1 – ya2) boys
The required answer = (4X x 1 – X x 2)/(X x 5 – 4X x 1) = 2:1
5). d) Speed of the train = 120 + 80/20 = 10m/sec
Time taken by train to cross the man = 120/10 = 12sec
6). c) Only III and IV follows

7). b) Only I and II follows

8). d) Only III follows

9). e) Only I and either II or IV follows

10). e) Only either I or IV and II follow

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