SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 - Sectional Practice Test-32

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Sectional Practice Test-32:
Dear Readers, Here we have provide the sectional practice test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 which consist of questions from all the three section, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

Directions (1 – 5): Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Crimes Registered in 2009 in the Various States
(Incidence and Rate per 100000 Population)


1). What is the average rate per hundred population of murder for all the given states?
a)   0.492
b)   0.0492
c)   0.00492
d)   4.92
e)   49.2
2). What is the difference between the number of murder for UP and the murder of rape for Delhi?
a)   1562
b)   9562
c)   9062
d)   962
e)   562
3). What is the maximum number of the incidence of crimes per lac population for a which state?
a)   24700
b)   25800
c)   27500
d)   26800
e)   None of these
4). What is the percentage difference of incidence of dacoity in UP as compared with Bihar?
a)   11%
b)   12%
c)   13%
d)   14%
e)   15%
5). Which state has the minimum rate of incidence for the crime of rape?
a)   Delhi
b)   MP
c)   UP
d)   Bihar
e)   Both MP and Delhi

Directions—(6 – 10): Each question consists of two statements I and II given below it. You have to find out all possible combinations which could be sufficient for answering a question. Read both the statements—
Give Answer—
a)  If only statement I is sufficient to answer the question.
b)  If only statement II is sufficient to answer the question.
c)  If either I or II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
d)  If both the statements I and II are sufficient to answer the question.
e)  If both the statements I and II are not sufficient to answer the question.
6). Lal is taller than Nand. Jim is taller than Herry. Who is the tallest of them?
Statement -I. Jim is taller than Nand.
Statement - II.Lal is taller than Harry.

7). In our school how many students of class V are there, who play chess?
Statement - I. No girl likes to play chess. 
Statement -II. There are 40 students in Class V.

8). Jay is 10th student in the class. How many students are in class.
Statement-I. His friends rankes 58 in that class which is the last rank.
Statement - II. Jay ranks 49th from the opposite end (another end).

9). What is Tomar’sage ?
Statement - I. Tomar could not appear in the last examination. He is two months short than the required age which is 18 years.
Statement - II. He will be able to cast his vote this year and the minimum age for voting is 18 years.

10). How many brothers does Ramu have?
Statement - I. Ramu’s father has three children.
Statement - II.Ramu has two sisters.

11).Of the two books (a) / he chose the one (2) / which he considered (c) / the most suitable. (d) / No error (e)

12). When he sleeps (a) / he left the radio on (2) / so that his parents would think (c) / that he was still reading. (d) / No error (e)

13). As I kept a strict watch (a) / with my way of living  (2) / could see that (c) / it was necessary to economise (d) / No error (e)

14). Arun is not only eminent (a) / for his writing in English  (2) / but also for his (c) / paintings on spiritual theme (d) / No error (e)

15). He confidently asked the crowd if (a) / they thought that  (2) / he was right (c) / and the crowd shouted that they do (d) / No error (e)

1)c   2)c   3)b   4)c   5)a   6)d   7)d   8)b   9)a   10)e 11)d  12)a  13)b  14)a  15)d

Detailed Solutions:
1). c) Required average = (7·0 + 2·0 + 4·5 + 6·2)/4 = 19.7/4 = 4·92 per lac population
Therefore, Per-hundred population = (4.92 x 100)/100000 = 0.00492
2). c) The required difference = 9200 – 138 = 9062
3). b) Number of the incidence of crimes in UP= 8800 + 9200 + 7800= 25800
Number of the incidence of crimes in MP= 2650 + 892 + 582= 4124
Number of the incidence of crimes in Delhi= 500 + 480 + 138= 1118
Number of the incidence of crimes in Bihar= 7800 + 8200 + 2850= 18850
Clearly the maximum number of incidence of the crimes has occurred in UP, i.e., 25800.
4). c) The required % difference = (8800 – 7800)/7800 x 100 = 13% app.
5). a) Delhi, i.e., 0·4
6). d) Lal>Nand …(i)
Jim > Harry …(ii)
We cannot determine the exact answer even after considering both the statements.
7). d) Both the statements can-not derive any conclusion.
8). b) According to II statement, the number of all the students= (10 + 49) – 1= 58
9). a) Tomar’s age = 17 years 10 month.
10). e) Ramu’s father has three children in which two are sisters. Clearly, Ramu is the only son in the family. Thus, we can say, Ramu has no brother.
11). Replace ‘most’ with ‘more’
Answer:  d)
12). Replace ‘sleeps’ with ‘slept’ as the sentences is in the past tense.
Answer: a)
13). Replace ‘with’ by ‘on’
Answer: b)
14). ‘Not only’ should come after ‘eminent’
Answer: a)
15). Replace ‘do’ by ‘did’ since the sentence is in the past tense.
Answer: d)

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