25 May 2016

SBI / UIIC 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions
SBI / UIIC 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions Set-39:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). The 4th   Ministerial Meeting is held in _______ on May 11, 2016.
a)   Mumbai
b)   Hyderabad
c)   Chennai
d)   New Delhi
e)   None of the above

2). Salman Khan has emerged as the number one actor in advance tax payments for 2015-16 with ________ crore.
a)   Rs.32 crore
b)   Rs.33 crore
c)   Rs.34 crore
d)   Rs.35 crore
e)   None of the above

3). Who has joined Ziox Mobiles as its chief executive officer?
a)   Deepak Kabu
b)   Sanjay Kaul
c)   Tom Courtenay
d)   Peter Kay
e)   None of the above

4). World No.1 Novak Djokovic beat _______ in the Madrid Open final.
a)   Rafael Nadal
b)   Andy Murray
c)   Roger Federer
d)   Andre Agassi
e)   None of the above

5). The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) late released 2.6 TB of Panama papers data on over 11.5 mn financial and legal records, including about ______ files related to India.
a)   37,000
b)   38,000
c)   39,000
d)   40,000
e)   None of the above

6). Which Bank is staring at an elevated provisioning of Rs 9,000 crore over FY17 and FY18?
a)   ICICI Bank
b)   Axis Bank
c)   IDBI Bank
d)   HDFC Bank
e)   None of the above

7). BCCI satisfied with the work of the support staff is a likelihood of AshishNehra being drafted in to lend his experience to the fast bowlers. He belongs to which Country?
a)   Pakistan
b)   Bangladesh
c)   India
d)   Australia
e)   None of the above

8). How many medals fetched by Indian boxers from 7th Asian Youth Championship held in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan?
a)   4
b)   5
c)   6
d)   7
e)   None of the above

9). Supreme Court directed budget airline Spicejet to pay _______ Lakh as damages to a flyer.
a)   Rs 10 lakh
b)   Rs 11 lakh
c)   Rs 12 lakh
d)   Rs 13 lakh
e)   None of the above

10). US President Barack Obama has appointed an Indian-American engineer _______ to a key administration post.
a)   RevathiBalakrishnan
b)   NeeraTanden
c)   Subra Suresh
d)   Manjit Singh
e)   None of the above


1)d   2)a   3)a   4)b   5)a   6)b   7)c   8)a   9)a   10)d

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