29 May 2016

SBI / UIIC 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions
SBI / UIIC 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions Set-43:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). India’s first solar train will run in which city?
a)    Jaipur
b)    Jodhpur
c)    Hyderabad
d)    Mumbai
e)    Pune

2). How many Indian cities have been included in world’s five most air polluted cities?
a)    3
b)    4
c)    5
d)    6
e)    7

3). World’s largest cargo plane recently landed in which Indian city?
a)    Mumbai
b)    New Delhi
c)    Hyderabad
d)    Chennai
e)    Bangalore

4). BHUVAN app is related to which department?
a)    India Post
b)    Home Ministry
c)    Indian Railway
d)    Finance Ministry
e)    None of the above

5). Baba Hardev Singh died recently. Who he was?
a)    Riter
b)    Actor
c)    Spiritual leader
d)    Politician
e)    Singer

6). Which will be India’s single emergency number from January 1, 2017?
a)    111
b)    109
c)    136
d)    112
e)    118

7). Which state has recently given minority status to Jain community?
a)    Maharashtra
b)    Gujarat
c)    Haryana
d)    Rajasthan
e)    Madhya Pradesh

8). Which train is launched by Railway recently for pilgrims?
a)    Bharat Darshan
b)    Bharat KoJano
c)    Bharat Dekho
d)    Bharat Yatra
e)    None of these

9). Union government is planning for 55,669 villages to have mobile connectivity by which year?
a)    2017
b)    2018
c)    2019
d)    2020
e)    2025

10). Which rail track will become first green corridor?
a) Rameswaram to Manamadurai
b) Mumbai to Goa
c)  Ahemadabad to Mumbai
d) New Delhi to Mumbai
e) None of these


1).b)   2).b)   3).c)   4).a)   5).c)   6).d)   7).b)   8).a)   9).c)   10).a)

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