31 May 2016

SBI / UIIC Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions

SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions
SBI / UIIC Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-21:
Dear Readers, SBI Clerk 2016 Examination is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.
1). To fast track building of highways, the government has approved how much worth for 9 states?
a)   Rs.12000cr
b)   Rs.7000cr
c)   Rs.13000cr
d)   Rs.17000cr
e)   Rs.15250cr

2). Government of Ontario, Canada has committed investment of how much worth in India‘s clean tech sector?
a)   Rs.300cr
b)   Rs.150cr
c)   Rs.250cr
d)   Rs.285cr
e)   Rs.310cr

3). A restaurant cash-back app, “Zaggle” has been launched at an investment of how much worth?
a)   $ 3million
b)   $ 2.5million
c)   $2 million
d)   $1 million
e)   $1.5 million

4). Recently India has exported six metro train coaches to which of the following country?
a)   Sweden
b)   Australia
c)   Canada
d)   Malaysia
e)   Bangladesh

5). Recently, cabinet has allowed Railways to form Joint Venture companies with state governments. The initial paid up capital is
a)   Rs.10cr
b)   Rs.25cr
c)   Rs.30cr
d)   Rs.45cr
e)   Rs.50cr

6). The EU has consented how much worth of succour for Turkey to cope with the issue of Syrian migrants?
a)   0.3 billion Euros
b)   1.3 billion Euros
c)   2.3 billion Euros
d)   3.3 billion Euros
e)   4.3 billion Euros

7). Which of the following company has announced to acquire Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion in cash and equity awards?
a)   Cisco
b)   Mphasis
c)   TCS
d)   Infosys
e)   Tech Mahindra

8). As per the recent RBI survey, the real Gross Value Added at basic price (GVA) is projected at what % in 2016-17?
a)   3.8%
b)   8.9%
c)   7.8%
d)   4.8%
e)   6.8%

9). Which state launched a Rs.310cr  project for managing forests in two districts in a way so as to minimise the effects of climate change.
a)   Uttar Pradesh
b)   Madhya Pradesh
c)   Himachal Pradesh
d)   Arunachal Pradesh
e)   Andhra Pradesh

10). Himachal Pradesh Government in the first week of February 2016 decided to spend Rs.15cr on Swach Bharat Mission in tribal district of
a)   Kinnar
b)   Hamirpur
c)   Chamba
d)   Kangar
e)   Bilaspur

1)d  2)a  3)d  4)b  5)e  6)d  7)a  8)c  9)c  10)a

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