11 Jun 2016

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”
English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”:
Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its meaning with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

1). Condone
Meaning: deliberately, ignore, disregard
Definition: accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive).
Usage: The college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs.

2). Rambling
Meaning: long-winded, digressive, discursive
Definition: (of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential.
Usage: A rambling six-hour speech.

3). Catastrophe
Meaning: disaster, calamity, crisis
Definition: an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster.
Usage: The bush fires were the latest in a growing list of catastrophes.

4). Astound
Meaning: amaze, astonish, surprise
Definition: shock or greatly surprise.
Usage: Kate was astounded by his arrogance.

5). Impudent
Meaning: insolent, shameless, impertinent, immodest
Definition: not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.
Usage: He could have strangled this impudent upstart.

6). Precursor
Meaning: forerunner, predecessor, forefather
Definition: a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner.
Usage: A three-stringed precursor of the violin.

7). Enchant
Meaning: captivate, charm, delight
Definition: fill (someone) with great delight; charm.
Usage: Isabel was enchanted with the idea.

8). Squeamish
Meaning: nervous, cannot stand the sight of, makes one feel sick
Definition: easily made to feel sick or disgusted.
Usage: Some of us ate the monkey, but the squeamish ones had a tin of corned beef.

9). Ostentatious
Meaning: showy, loud, obtrusive
Definition: characterized by pretentious or showy display; designed to impress.
Usage: A simple design that is glamorous without being ostentatious.

10). Bombastic
Meaning: pompous, blustering, blathering
Definition: high-sounding but with little meaning; inflated.
Usage: Howard really was the most bombastic prig.

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