GK questions Asked in the UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June (Morning Shift)

GK questions Asked in the UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June (Morning Shift)
GK questions Asked in the UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June (Morning Shift):
Dear Readers, many of our readers have given the UIIC AO Exam today in the morning shift, and they have shared the list of GK Questions asked in the examination, we have provided them here with answers, make use of it.

1). Kaziranga National Park is Located at?
Answer: Assam

2). Who is the executive Director of IMF?
Answer: Sunil Sabharwal

3). “BBB” related to Indra dhanush stands for?
Answer: Bank Board Bureau

4). International Anti-Corruption Day was observed on?
Answer: 9th December

5). SBI and four other banks have got license to open branches in which of the following countries recently?
Answer: Myanmar

6). According to OECD report what is the expected India’s Economic Growth in next fiscal year?
Answer: 7.5%

7). What is the Headquarters of IRDA?
Answer: Hyderabad

8). Which of the following state has announced new schemes for Transgender?
Answer: Odisha

9). What is the venue of G7 Summit?
Answer: Japan

10). What is the venue of Gyan Sangam meet?

11). What is the Headquarters of BASEL?
Answer: Switzerland

12). Winner of Italian Open?
Answer: Andy Murray

13). ICICI Bank has introduced Payment Bank by partnered with _____.
Answer: FINO Paytech

14). Asia’s largest underground railway station located in which country?
Answer: China

15). Who is Mrinalanini Sarabhai?
Answer: Classical dancer

16). Who is the winner of Best Actor Award in 63rd National Awards?

Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

More Questions will be updated within few minutes……

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