Important Computer Questions for SBI Exams 2016

Important Computer Questions for SBI Clerk Exams 2016
Important Computer Questions for SBI Exams 2016 Set-56:
The List of Important Computer Knowledge Questions for SBI Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

1). Virtual Memory is?
a)   Related to virtual reality
b)   A form of ROM
c)   A from of RAM
d)   Testing
e)   None of these

2). ASCII stands for
a)   American Stable Code for International Interchange
b)   American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange
c)   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
d)   American Standard Code for Interchange Information
e)   None of these

3). Dot-matrix is a type of
a)   Tape
b)   Printer
c)   Disk
d)   Bus
e)   None of these

4). What is the name of first super computer of India?
a)   Saga 220
b)   PARAM 8000
c)   ENIAC
d)   PARAM 6000
e)   None of these

5). Which is most common language used in web designing?
a)   C
b)   C++
c)   PHP
d)   HTML
e)   None of these

6). Which of the following is the product of data processing?
a)   Information
b)   Data
c)   Software program
d)   System
e)   None of these

7). The process of putting data into a storage location is called
a)   reading
b)   writing
c)   controlling
d)   hand shaking
e)   None of these

8). The process of copying data from a memory location is called
a)   reading
b)   writing
c)   controlling
d)   booting
e)   None of these

9). A list of instructions used by a computer is called
a)   program
b)   CPU
c)   text
d)   output
e)   None of these

10). The CPU consists of
a)   input, output and processing
b)   control unit, primary storage and secondary storage
c)   control unit; arithmetic logic unit and primary storage
d)   input, processing and storage
e)   None of these

1).c)   2).c)   3).b)   4).b)   5).d)   6).a)   7).b)   8).a)   9).a)   10).c)  

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