20 Jun 2016

Important Computer Questions for SBI Exams 2016

Important Computer Questions for SBI Clerk Exams 2016
Important Computer Questions for SBI Exams 2016 Set-60:
The List of Important Computer Knowledge Questions for SBI Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

1). Which of the following IP address classes is multi cast?
a)   Class A
b)   Class B
c)   Class C
d)   Class D
e)   Class E

2). The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called?
a)   Mouse
b)   Logo
c)   Hand
d)   Palm
e)   Cursor

3). In second generation computers, the speed was measured in?
a)   Nano second
b)   Milli seconds
c)   Micro seconds
d)   Pico seconds
e)   None of these

4). _____ is not an Internet connection
a)   Broadband
b)   WWAN
c)   DSL
d)   WLAN
e)   Dial-up

5). The output quality of a printer is measured by.  
a)   Dots per square inch
b)   dots per inch
c)   dots printed per unit
d)   dots printed per line
e)   Both (a) and (b)

6). How many values can be represented by a single byte?
a)   4
b)   16
c)   64
d)   256
e)   512

7). _____ is the process of finding errors in software code.
a)   Compiling
b)   Testing
c)   Running
d)   Debugging
e)   None of these

8). Which piece of hardware protects the resource of a private network from other networks?
a)   Cache server
b)   Proxy server
c)   Firewall
d)   Router
e)   Bridge

9). What is the shortcut key for ‘find and replace’ dialogue box?
a)   Ctrl+F
b)   Ctrl+R
c)   Ctrl+H
d)   Ctrl+M
e)   Ctrl+N

10). ______ are used to identify a user who returns to a website .
a)   Cookies
b)   Plug-in
c)   Scripts
d)   ASPS
e)   Browser

1). d)  2). e)  3). c) 4). b)  5). a)  6). d)  7). a)  8). c)  9).  a) 10). a)

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