23 Jun 2016

SBI Clerk 2016-Practice English Questions (Fill Ups)

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice English Questions (Reading Comprehension)
SBI Clerk 2016- Practice English Questions (Fill UpsSet-71:
Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming SBI Exam 2016 was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions (1-10): Pick out the most effective pair of words to from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaningfully complete.
1). When interpersonal problems __________  but are not dealt with, the organisation's productivity inevitably__________.
a)   Surfaces... develops
b)   Focus... increases
c)   Establish... projects
d)   Develop... exhibits
e)   Exist... diminishes

2). Participative management, in which everyone has _____ in a decision that a leader then makes, is a mechanism for _____ employees.
a)   share ... protecting
b)   value ... thwarting
c)   motivation ... involving
d)   reward ... stimulating
e)   input ... empowering

3). Lack of _____is basic to good teamwork but our ability to work with others depends on our _____
a)   rigidity ... compatibility
b)   dogmatism ... motivation  
c)   professionalism...vulnerability
d)   Positivism ...  flexibility
e)   consideration ... acumen

4). Complete and constant openness is a notion that can be _____ to absurdity. Am l ____ to stop everyone on the street and tell them my reaction to their appearance?
a)   consigned ... communicated
b)   reduced ... required
c)   attributed ... requested '
d)   projected ...  destined
e)   subjected ... confined

5). When organisations _______ creativity and risk-taking, the usual method of maintaining order and ________ am indeed shaken.
a)   encourage ... decorum
b)   exhibit ... durability
c)   Propose ... humility
d)   enhance ... supply
e)   propagate ...  production

6). When l am an autocrat. l am _________ in the extreme. My direct method is to ________ power and control.
a)   perfectionist ... explore
b)   autocratic ... engulf
c)   dominating ... seek
d)   possessive ... reject
e)   elaborate ... develop

7). The fear _______ with feeling incompetent is the fear of being humiliated, embarrassed and _______ .
a)   endowed ... criticized
b)   afflicted ... downtrodden
c)   consistent ... damaged
d)   associated ... vulnerable
e)   imbued ... exposed

8). Gopal was frustrated with Sundar. who would not _______ himself to a deadline. Sundar claimed he was working well without a deadline, but Gopal ________ and finally prevailed.
a)   encourage ... enforced
b)   inculcate ... ordered
c)   cooperate ... stipulated
d)   commit ... persisted
e)   declared ... pressurised

9). l am not easily ________ by pressure that would interfere with accomplishing the goals of my unit. l stick to my _______ .
a)   pessimistic ... views
b)   swayed ... convictions
c)   discouraged ... achievements
d)   empowered ... organization
e)   demurred ... projections

10). Coercion sometimes leads to the _______ of short-term goals, but its drawbacks far its advantages ________ .
a)   realization ... damage
b)   appreciation ... percolate
c)   accomplishment ... outweigh
d)   achievement ... crumble
e)   destination ... magnify

1). e)  2). a)  3). a)  4). b)  5). a)  6). c)  7). c)  8). d)  9). b) 10). c)


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