12 Jun 2016

SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-7

SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-7:
Dear Readers, UIIC and SBI Clerk Mains 2016 was approaching shortly for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the four sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning-Computer, English, and General/Financial Awareness. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

Directions (1 – 5): Following bar-graph shows the number of TV models, M1 and M2 producedby a company in different years and the line-graph shows the percentage of sale of these models indifferent years.

1). What is the total number of TV models M1 and M2 sold in the year 2005?
a)   44800
b)   48840
c)   48480
d)   48440
e)   44880
2). What is the ratio of the total number of TVs of model M2 unsold in the year 2006 to the total number of TVs of model M2 produced in 2007?
a)   32 : 47
b)   41 : 60
c)   43 : 60
d)   47 : 60
e)   8 : 15
3). In which of the following years the percentage rise/fall in the production of model M1 is minimumas compared to the previous year?
a)   2006
b)   2007
c)   2008
d)   2009
e)   2010
4). What is the approximate percentage rise in the selling of model M2 from year 2007 to 2008?
a)   27%
b)   29%
c)   31%
d)   33%
e)   35%
5). What is the total number of TVs of model M1 sold in all the six years together?
a)   195240
b)   196720
c)   197340
d)   198280
e)   199020
Directions (Q. 6 -10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are travelling in three different cars Alto, Punto and Vento and there are at least two persons in any of these cars. Each of them has a favourite (likes) colour, viz black, red, yellow, green, white, blue and pink, not necessarily in the same order.
·        B likes yellow and is not travelling in Vento.
·        The one who likes black is travelling in the same car in which E is travelling.
·        C likes blue and is travelling in the same car in which G is travelling.
·        D is going in Punto only with the one who likes pink.
·        G is not travelling either in Punto or Vento.
·        F does not like black.
·        G does not like either green or white.
·        D does not like green.
·        E does not like pink.
6). Who likes Black?
a)   A
b)   B
c)   C
d)   D
e)   None of these
7). Which of the following combinations is correct?
a)   D – Vento – White
b)   F – Alto – Pink
c)   G – Alto – Red
d)   B – Punto – Yellow
e)   All are correct
8). What is E’s favourite colour?
a)   Red
b)   Green
c)   White
d)   Either Black or Yellow
e)   None of these
9). Which of the following person is travelling in Alto?
a)   CD
b)   BCE
c)   DF
d)   BCG
e)   None of these
10). Who likes White?
a)   A
b)   B
c)   C
d)   Data inadequate
e)   None of these
11). RBI has recently imposed a penalty of 1cr on which of the following bank?
a)   Bank of Baroda
b)   State bank of Travancore
c)   Punjab national bank
d)   Allahabad bank
e)   None of these
12). The Development Bank of which country will provide a loan assistance of EUR 500 million to Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRCL) for building modern and sustainable metro system in the city?
a)   Germany
b)   France
c)   Greece
d)   Italy
e)   Spain
13). Which Mumbai based company has signed a brand licence agreement with Italian car designer Pininfarina for using trademarks after closing the deal to acquire 76.06 per cent stake in the company?
a)   Hyundai
b)   Larsen and Toubro
c)   Mahindra & Mahindra
d)   Ashok Leyland
e)   None of the above
14). Prime Minister NarendraModi’s Mother Heeraben was presented with which award by the NariJagran Magazine in Varanasi?
a)   Nari Josh Samman
b)   NariJargSamman
c)   NariJagranSamman
d)   Nara Josh Samman
e)   None of the above
15). India signed Memorandum of Understanding which country to enhance R&D capabilities in biotechnology Industry Council?
a)   Iran
b)   Australia
c)   USA
d)   New Zealand
e)   South Africa
16). Device drivers are_________
a)   Tiny power cords for external storage devices
b)   Experts who know how to maximize the performance of devices
c)   Small, special-purpose programs
d)   The innermost part of the operating system
e)   Both b and c
17). Microsoft’s Access and Corel’s Paradox are both examples of which type of software?
a)   Network database systems
b)   Relational database systems
c)   Flat-file database systems
d)   Hierarchical database systems
e)   None of these
18). The name a user assigns to file is called ________.
a)   File name
b)   Program
c)   Record
d)   Data
e)   Document
19). To move data from one part of the document to another, __________ is used.
a)   Cut and Paste
b)   Copy and Paste
c)   Copy and Undo
d)   Cut an Delete
e)   All
20). How is the number 100 represented in hexadecimal notation?
a)   0x8
b)   0x10
c)   0x64
d)   0x100
e)   0x16
Direction (21-25): In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Spot the Errors.
21). a) A major / b) disadvantage / c) of this deal is that we shall have to bear / d) the cost of training./ e) No Error.
22). a) The bank’s fluctuating /  b) performance over the prior / c) year has been a major / d) cause for concern. / e) No Error
23). a) An economy relies / b) on its access / c) to dependable / d) and affordable source of energy. / e) No Error
24). a) Researches have used data prevalent / b) to manufacturing Companies to illustrate / c) the Harmful /d) impacts of technology on the environment. / e) No Error
25). a) Such a situation / b) is neither feasible / c) nor desirable in a democratic country like ours / e) No Error

1).c)   2).c)   3).a)   4).b)   5).b)   6).a)   7).c)   8).d)   9).b)   10).e)   11).b)  12).a)  13).c)  14).c) 15).b)  16).c)  17).b)  18).a)  19).a)  20).c) 21). e)   22).b)   23).e)   24).a)   25).e)  

1). c) SaleM1 = 48000 × 0.65 = 31200
SaleM2 = 32000 × 0.54 = 17280
=>Total = 31200 + 17280 = 48480
Answer: c)
2). c) In 2006, unsoldM2
= 60000 × (100-57)/100 = 25800
In 2007, production M2 = 36000
Therefore ratio = 25800/36000 = 43/63
Answer: c)
3). a) 2006 à (54-48)/48 × 100 = 12.5%
2007 à (40-54)/54 × 100 = 25.9% (fall)
2008 à (48-40)/40 × 100 = 20%
2009 à (76-48)/48 × 100 = 58.33%
2010 à (51-76)/76 × 100 = 32.89%(fall)
Answer: a)
4). b) In 2007, SaleM2 = 36000 × (72/100) = 25920
In 2008, SaleM2 = 54000 × (62/100) = 33480
Therefore percentage rise =(33480-25920)/25920 × 100 = 29.16% ≈ 29%
Answer: b)
5). b) TotalM1 = (48 × 0.65 + 54 × 0.52 + 40 × 0.67+ 48 × 0.56 + 76 × 0.78 + 51 × 0.48)
= (31.2 + 28.08 + 26.8 + 26.88 + 59.28 +24.48) thousand
= 196.72 thousand = 196720
Answer: b)
Directions (6 – 10):

Favourite Colour
6). Answer: a)
7). Answer: c)
8). Answer: d)
9). Answer: b)
10). Answer: e)
21). Answer: e)
22). The appropriate word is “previous”
Answer: b)
23).Answer: e)
24). The appropriate word is “relevant”
Answer: a)
25).Answer: e)


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