8 Jun 2016

SBI Clerk / UIIC AO Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions

SBI / UIIC Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-25:
Dear Readers, SBI / UIIC Exam 2016 is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.

1). As proposed in the Budget for 2016-17, surcharge on persons, other than companies, firms and cooperative societies having income above Rs 1 cr to be raised from 12% to
a)   12%
b)   15%
c)   16%
d)   17%
e)   18%

2). As pre the Budget proposals for 2016-17, the companies with revenue less than Rs 5 cr will be taxed at ______ plus surcharge.
a)   21%
b)   32%
c)   29%
d)   24%
e)   25%

3). The sales of which of the following cars crossed the 30-lakh mark recently in the domestic market?
a)   Eon
b)   Alto
c)   Santro
d)   Vagon R
e)   Duster

4). Directorate revenue Intelligence has exposed an illegal export of Basmathi rice offloaded in Dubai. The scam is over ________ crore.
a)   Rs.1000cr
b)   Rs.1500cr
c)   Rs.2500cr
d)   Rs.200 cr
e)   Rs.500cr

5). Which Indian company recognized as a “Global Top Employer” by the Top Employers Institute?
a)   BOSCH
b)   iGate
c)   Infosys
d)   TCS
e)   Wipro

6). India had signed a deal of worth ________ dollars for 22 Apache and 15 Chinook Helicopters with Russia.
a)   $2.7 Billion
b)   $2.8 Billion
c)   $3.1 Billion
d)   $4.2 Billion
e)   $2.9 Billion

7). For Madhya Pradesh State’s Higher Education Quality improvement project India signed a financing agreement for IDA credit of _____ with the World Bank.
a)   270 USD
b)   290 USD
c)   310 USD
d)   300 USD
e)   260 USD

8). GOI to get _________ dividend from Coal India Ltd for the financial year 2015-2016.
a)   Rs.17000cr
b)   Rs.17108cr
c)   Rs.17208cr
d)   Rs.17308cr
e)   Rs.17348cr

9). Swachh Bharat Khosh, a fund created to support the various cleanliness programmes across the Nation, is mobilized with __________ crores by the government.
a)   350
b)   370
c)   380
d)   375
e)   385

10). Which among the following banks signed a pact with the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce for cooperation in Knowledge sharing, consultancy, skill and technology?
a)   HDFC Bank
b)   ICICI Bank
c)   Yes Bank
d)   Axis Bank
e)   None of the above


1)b   2)c   3)b   4)a   5)d   6)c   7)d  8)d   9)b   10)c

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