15 Jul 2016

GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (International News) Part-I

GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (National News) Part-I
GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (International News) Part-I:
Dear Readers, SBI PO 2016 Mains exam is approaching shortly to fasten your preparation, we have decided to provide important GK Match Points on individual topics which will help you to revise is effectively. This GK Match Points will be updated daily basis and kindly make use of it.

·        Military Exercise FORCE 18 has been started in – Pune
·        India’s Rank in terms of Energy Security is – 90th
·        The city to host the first Raisina Dialouge is – New Delhi
·        The most expensive city to live, according to Savills survey is – London
·        Antonio Guterres has been nominated to UN Seceretry General by – Portugal
·        World’s costliest Railway station has been opened in – New York
·        The country that has planned to land a probe on Mars in 2021 is – Chian
·        Key – Resolve is a military exercise between – America and South Korea
·        The country that which agreed to develop Bhubaneswar, Kochi and Coimbatore is – Germany
·        The second village adopted by Narendra Modi under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana is – Nagepur
·        India – Indonesia joint military exercise is known as – Garuda Shakti
·        India has signed a MoU on cooperation for Prevention of Human Trafficking with – Bahrain
·        India has launched Fullbright - Kalam Climate Fellowship with – USA
·        India will supply 18 Diesel Electric Locomotives to – Myanmar
·        4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves has been started at – Lima
·        Exo-Mars is a joint mars mission of – Russia and Europe
·        The country that will set up an International Maritime Judicial Centre is – China
·        The city that is organizing International Children’s Film Festival for the North East Region for the year 2016 is – Gangtok
·        7th Governing Board meeting of Indo-German Science and Technology Centre was held in – New Delhi
·        The smart phone game’s character that has been chosen as the ambassador of United Nations climate change programme is – Angry Birds
·        E-Atlas of Gender Inequality in Education was released by – UNESCO
·        The country that has got 265 million grant from India for constituting Tagore memorial is – Sri Lanka
·        The new President of Zanzibar is – Ali Mohamed Shein
·        Jordon has recently got $100 million from World Bank for creating Jobs
·        India - European Union Summit 2016 is hosted by – Brussels
·        ‘Make in India’ conference was recently launched in – Australia


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