5 Jul 2016

Important General Awareness/Economy/Banking Questions for SBI PO/IBPS RRB 2016

Important General Awareness/Economy/Banking Questions for SBI PO/IBPS RRB 2016 Set-5:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI PO/IBPS RRB Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). Payments bank of the postal department will have how much corpus at the beginning?
a)   Rs 900 crore
b)   Rs 600 crore
c)   Rs 1000 crore
d)   Rs 800 crore
e)   Rs 700 crore

2). The RBI has allowed Axis Bank to raise shareholding to up to ____ from the earlier limit of 49%.
a)   54%
b)   62%
c)   59%
d)   64%
e)   70%

3). Insurance regulator IRDAI has warned which insurance company for non-compliance of ‘Expenses of Management’ (EoM) norms?
a)   Sahara India Life Insurance
b)   Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
c)   Aegon Life Insurance
d)   IDBI Federal Life Insurance
e)   Max Life Insurance

4). Which of the following banks has reported its point of sales terminal (PoS) network as largest in the country?
a)   HDFC
b)   Punjab National Bank
c)   SBI
d)   ICICI
e)   Axis Bank

5). The Department of Posts launched a logo and tagline design contest for its soon-to-be set up India Post Payments Bank on which of the following website?
a)   GovPost
b)   IndianPost
c)   MyGov
d)   PayPost
e)   None of these

6). According to HSBC, India is expected to contribute how much of the world GDP by the middle of next decade?
a)   4.3%
b)   4.9%
c)   5.2%
d)   3.4%
e)   None of these

7). How many crores fund does the State Bank of India has created for investing in IT or Fintech startups?
a)   200
b)   50
c)   100
d)   150
e)   300

8). Minister of Agriculture has announced the hike in Minimum support price and Bonus to decrease the country’s dependency on Imports for which crops?
a)   Rabi
b)   Zaidi
c)   Kharif
d)   All the above
e)   None of the above

9). Asia’s largest technology trade show COMPUTEX is going to be held on June 4 in which country?
a)   Japan
b)   China
c)   Taiwan
d)   India
e)   Russia

10). Which country to launch its first experimental quantum communication satellite in July 2016 with the help of Chinese Academy of Sciences?
a)   United States
b)   United Kingdom
c)   Japan
d)   China
e)   New Zealand


1)d   2)b   3)a   4)c   5)c   6)b   7)a   8)c   9)c   10)d

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