27 Jul 2016

SBI / IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) [Answer Updated]

SBI/IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) Set-27:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming SBI PO/IBPS PO Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Following questions are based on the information given below.
Rakesh, Dravid, Santhosh, Dinesh, Martin, Anand and John are seven friends who left for seven different destinations Japan, Norway, Spain, Austria, Singapore, Iceland and China—each one on a different day of the week.
Santhosh left for China on Monday. On the last day of the week, the person left for Austria. Martin left on the next day of Rakesh, who left for Iceland on the next day of John. Dinesh left for Singapore on Friday. Dravid left neither for Spain nor for Austria and John left for Japan.

1). On which day of the week did Dravid leave?
a)   Sunday
b)   Saturday
c)   Wednesday
d)   Data inadequate
e)   None of these
2). Who left for Austria?
a)   Martin
b)   Rakesh
c)   Anand
d)   Data inadequate
e)   None of these
3). On which day of the week did Martin leave?
a)   Tuesday
b)   Thursday
c)   Sunday
d)   Wednesday
e)   None of these
4). Which of the following combinations of person-place is not correct?
a)   Santhosh-China
b)   Rakesh-Iceland
c)   Martin-Spain
d)   Anand-Austria
e)   All correct
5). Who left on Tuesday?
a)   Rakesh
b)   John
c)   Dravid
d)   Anand
e)   None of these

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Eight friends Hamid, Hardik, Hridik, Haridas, Husaam, Hamir, Hussain and Harish are sitting in a straight line facing north. Harish is on the immediate right of Haridas, who is not at the end of the row. Hardik is on the immediate left of Husaam but Hardik is neither a neighbour of Hamid nor sits at the ends of the row. Hridik and Husaam are not adjacent to each other. There are three persons between Hardik and Harish. Hamid is adjacent to Hamir, who is on the immediate left of Hridik. Hussain is second to the left of Harish and is on the immediate right of Husaam.

6). Which of the following statements is true?
a)   Hardik is in the middle of the row.
b)   Harish is at the right end of the row.
c)   Hamid is second to the left of Hardik.
d)   All are true
e)   None of these
7). Which of the following pairs sit at the ends of the row?
a)   Hardik and Harish      
b)   Hamir and Hridik       
c)   Hamid and Harish      
d)   Hridik and Hardik       
e)   None of these
8). If Hridik faces south then how many persons will be sitting to the right of Hridik?
a)   One       
b)   Two       
c)   Three
d)   Four       
e)   None of these
9). If Hamid is related to Harish and Hamir is related to Haridas in a certain way, then, following the same way, Hridik is related to which of the following?
a)   Harish    
b)   Hardik    
c)   Hussain 
d)   Husaam 
e)   None of these
10). Which of the following persons sits second to the right of Hardik?
a)   Hamid    
b)   Hridik     
c)   Haridas  
d)   Hussain 
e)   Harish

1).b  2).c  3).b   4).e  5).b  6).b  7).c  8).b  9).c  10).d

 Directions (Q.1-5):

 Directions (Q.6 -10):

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