5 Jul 2016

SBI PO/IBPS RRB 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Puzzle)

SBI PO/IBPS RRB 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) Set-7:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming SBI PO/IBPS RRB Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Seven persons R, J, M, Q, L, T and K conduct workshop on Developing Managerial skills in seven different companies A, B, C, D, E, F and G on a different day of the week from Monday to Sunday. The order of persons, companies and days of the week are not necessarily the same.
J organises workshop in Company D on Wednesday. Q does not conduct workshop for companies A or C and conducts on the next day of L who conducts the workshop for Company F. T conducts workshop for Company E on Friday. K conducts workshop on Monday but not for Company C or G. M conducts workshop for Company A but not on Tuesday.

1). Who conducts workshop on Saturday?
a)   M
b)   Q
c)   L
d)   Q or L
e)   None of these

2). On which day does Q conduct the workshop?
a)   Sunday
b)   Saturday
c)   Tuesday
d)   Cannot be determined
e)   None of these

3). M conducts workshop on which day?
a)   Saturday
b)   Sunday
c)   Tuesday
d)   Thursday
e)   None of these

4). Which of the following combinations of person-company and day is correct?
a)   K-B-Wednesday
b)   R-B-Monday
c)   K-C-Monday
d)   K-G-Sunday
e)   None of these

5). Who conducts workshop for Company C and on which day?
a)   R, Thursday
b)   R, Tuesday
c)   Q, Saturday
d)   Q, Sunday
e)   None of these

Directions (Q. 6-11): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. No two males or two females are immediate neighbours of each other.
A is wife of H. A sits third to the left of E. F sits second to the right of D. D is not an immediate neighbour of A or E. H and C are immediate neighbours of each other. F is not an immediate neighbour of his wife B.

6). Which of the following is true about G?
a)   G is a male
b)   G sits exactly between F and H
c)   G sits third to the left or E
d)   G sits second to the right of B
e)   None is true

7). Who sits third to the left of B?
a)   F
b)   H
c)   D
d)   A
e)   None of these

8). How many people sit between B and F when counted in anti-clockwise direction from B ?
a)   One
b)   Two
c)   Three
d)   Four
e)   More than four

9). Four of the following live are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a)   H
b)   F
c)   E
d)   G
e)   D

10). Which of the following groups consists of only female members of the group?
a)   A, B, H
b)   G, F, C
c)   C, H, G
d)   D, H, C
e)   None of these

11). If all the persons are made to sit in alphabetical order in clockwise direction, starting from A, the positions of how many (excluding A) will remain unchanged as compared to their original seating positions?
a)   None
b)   One
c)   Two
d)   Three
e)   Four

1). c) 2). a) 3). d) 4). e) 5). b)  6). d)  7). b)  8). b)  9). d)  10). e) 11). c)


Directions (Q. 1-5)

Answer: c)
Answer: a)
Answer: d)
Answer: e)
Answer: b)

Directions (Q. 6 – 11)

6). G is a female who sits second to right of B.
Answer: d)
7). H sits third to the left of B.
Answer: b)
8). Two persons D and G sit between B and F when counted in anticlockwise direction from B.
Answer: b)
9). G is a female while all others are males.
Answer: d)
10). Female members are A, G, B and C.
Answer: e)
Answer: c)

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