5 Jul 2016

SBI PO/IBPS RRB Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-8

SBI PO/IBPS RRB Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-8:
Dear Readers, SBI PO/IBPs RRB 2016 was approaching shortly for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the three sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

Direction (1 – 4): Answer the questions based on the following information.
The amount of money invested (rupees in crores) in the core infrastructure areasdistricts, Chittoor and Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, is as follows.

By what per cent was the total investment in the two districts more in 1996as compared to 1995?
a) 14%
b) 21%
c) 24%
d) 18%
e) 22%

2). The investment in electricity and thermal energy in 1995 in these twodistricts formed what per cent of the total investment made in that year?
a) 41%
b) 47%
c) 52%
d) 55%
e) 58%

3). In Khammam district, the investment in which area in 1996 showed thehighest percentage increase over the investment in that area in 1995?
a) Electricity
b) Chemical
c) Solar
d) Nuclear
e) Thermal

4). Approximately how many times was the total investment in Chittoor to the total investment in Khammam?
a) 2.8
b) 2
c) 2.4
d) 1.7
e) 1

Directions (5 – 9): Eachof the questions below consists of aquestion and two statements markedI and II given below it. You have todecide whether the data provided inthe statements are sufficient to answerthe question. Read both thestatements and give answer:
A) if the data in statement I aloneare sufficient to answer thequestion, while the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question
B) if the data in statements Ialone are not sufficient to answerthe question, while thedata in statement II alone aresufficient to answer the question
C) if the data either in statement Ior in statement II alone aresufficient to answer the question
D) if the data even in both thestatements I, II together arenot sufficient to answer thequestion
E) if the data in both statements Iand II together are needed toanswer the question

5). Towards which direction is Bfrom C?
I. B is exactly to the south eastof A.
II. C is exactly to the south of A.

6). How many daughters does A have?
I. P and Q are the daughters ofB.
II. D is the only brother of P andson of A.

7). Among P, Q, R, S and T sitting ina straight line facing north, whosits in the extreme right end?
I. P sits third to the left of S. T issecond to the left of R and animmediate neighbour of S.
II. P is second to the left of Twho is second to the left of R.

8). Amongst P, Q, R, S, T and U,who are of different heights, whois the tallest?
I. S is shorter than only Q.
II. Among six persons only Q istaller than S.

9). Is C the grandmother of M?
I. C is the mother of D. D is the brother of M's father.
II. M is son of N who is daughter

Directions (Q.10-14): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete

10).Two political scions who _____________ as young Members of Parliament ________ a decade ago are now ministers with key infrastructure portfolios like telecom, shipping and corporate affairs.
a)   Began, around
b)   Took, hardly
c)   Opened, merely
d)   Launched, scarcely
e)   Debuted, nearly

11).Tarun Tajpal publicly shouted from the rooftop against sexual harassment and privately ____________ in morally suspect behavior ____________ the same roof.
a)   Cater, below
b)   Indulged, under
c)   Entertain, in
d)   Oblige, beneath
e)   Gratify, at

12).’The Ghaziabad court may have given the _______________ in the Aarushi Talwar case, but a lot many loose ends still remain.
a)   conclusion
b)   sentence
c)   decree
d)   verdict
e)   award

13).There comes a moment in the life of a nation when the usurper rises from the __________ of disenchantment and _____________ the comforting ____________ of the time.
a)   Recesses, shatters, certainties
b)   Nook, crush, store
c)   Interval, impair, lock
d)   Intermission, smash, stock
e)   Nook, crush, store

14).Set against the Congress’s _____________ headquarters and _____________ state branches, BJP has the advantage of a galvanizing general at the top and able warriors in the provinces.
a)   Subsidized, battered
b)   Reduced, shaky
c)   Diminished, dilapidated
d)   Slackened, damaged
e)   Declined, shabby

1)d   2)b   3)b   4)c   5)d   6)d   7)c   8)c   9)c 10). e)   11). b)   12). d)   13). a)   14). c)


1). d) Total investment in the two districts in 1995 = 2932.1+ 7081.6 ≈ 10,000.
Total investment in the two districts in 1996 = 3489.5 + 8352 ≈ 11840.
Required percentage = (11840 – 10000)/10000 = 18%(approx.)

2). b) Total investment in electricity and thermal energy in both the districts in 1995 = (815.2 + 632.4 + 2065.8 + 1232.7) = 4746.1.
Total investment made in that year = 2923.1 + 7081.6 = 10004.7 ≈ 10000
Hence required percentage = (4746.1/10000) = 47% (approx.)

3). b) Percentage increase in investment in electricity = 30/2070 = 14%
Percentage increase in investment in chemical= {(986.4 – 745.3)/745.31} x 100 =240/745 = 32%
Percentage increase in investment in solar = (428.6/1792.1)
let’s take the approximate values = 430/1792 = 23%
And the Percentage increase in investment in nuclear = 507/1674 approximately =(500/1670 )x 100 = 23%
Clearly percentage increase in investment in chemical is the highest

4). c) Total investment in Chittoor = 2923.1 + 3489.5 = 6412.6 ≈ 6410.
Total investment in Khammam = 7081.6 + 8352 ≈ 15430.
Required ratio = (15430/6410) = 2.4 times

5). d) The distance between B and Aaswell as between C and A is notgiven. Hence, we cannot findout the direction.

6). d) By combining both the statements,it can be concluded that Aand B are married couple, and Pand Q are the daughters of A and B. But, it doesn't confirm that Aand B only two daughters.

7). c) Either statement I or statement IIare sufficient to answer the question.P Q T S R

8). c) Either statement I or statement IIare sufficient to answer the questionas either of the statements clearly indicate that Q is the tallest.

9). c) Either statement I or statement IIare sufficient to answer the question.



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