26 Aug 2016

Important General Awareness/Banking Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk 2016

Important General Awareness/Economy/Banking Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-26:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). Which of the following has become the first state in India to have ‘Happiness Department’?
a) Gujarat
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Karnataka
e) Maharashtra

2). Which train also known as Magic Train of India celebrated 25 years of service to the underprivileged rural masses?
a) Health Express
b) Garibi Hatao Express
c) JeevanJyoti Express
d) Lifeline Express
e) None of these

3). India’s first industrial park exclusively for women entrepreneurs has been launched in which state?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Haryana
d) Uttarakhand
e) Andhra Pradesh

4). Name the person who will head the RBI constituted inter regulatory Working Group that will study the entire gamut of regulatory issues relating to Fin Tech and Digital Banking in India?
a) Nitin Chugh
b) AS Ramasastri
c) Sudarshan Sen
d) Sarat Kumar Malik
e) None of these

5). With which State did Ministry of Railways in July 2016 signed a Joint Venture Agreement to expand railway network in the State?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Haryana
d) Uttarakhand
e) Kerala

6). An initiative 'Skill Sakhis' for women empowerment was launched by which state Govt. ?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Maharashtra
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala
e) Mizoram

7). Which Indian corporate has become the first-ever to issue Masala Bond on London Stock Exchange (LSE)?
c) Axis Bank
d) Yes Bank
e) Kotak Mahindra Bank

8). How many historical sites are added by UNESCO on its World Heritage List in 40th session of The World Heritage Committee meeting in Istanbul, Turkey?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 12
d) 10
e) 9

9). What is the name of the website launched by Union Government with a view to share the impact of various governance initiatives with citizens in real-time?
a) Reaching Last Mile
b) Transforming India
c) Rejuvenating India
d) Door-to-Door India
e) None of these

10). Which state government of India has recently signed MoU with the Netherlands to 
set up a skill development centre for farmers?
a) Punjab
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Rajasthan
e) None of these


1)b   2)d   3)d   4)c   5)c   6)b   7)a   8)c   9)b   10)c

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