16 Aug 2016

Important General Awareness/Economy/Banking Questions for IBPS PO 2016

Important General Awareness/Economy/Banking Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-16:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming IBPS PO 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

1). As per the final guidelines for Universal Banks, minimum capital required is ____ crore.
a) 100
b) 200
c) 300
d) 400
e) 500

2). Railway Minister laid the foundation stone for Dhansiri – Zubza Broad Guafe Project. Dhansiri is in ____.
a) Manipur
b) Mizoram
c) Nagaland
d) Haryana
e) Punjab

3). World Youth Skills Day 2016 observed globally on July 15. The theme for the year 2016 is
a)   Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment
b)   Education 2030 Framework for action
c)   Youth skills for work and life in the post
d)   Becoming the Tools for change
e)   None of these

4). Which among the following Indian States becomes the first state to approve setting up of Happiness Department?
a)     Meghalaya
b)     Madhya Pradesh
c)     Maharashtra
d)     Mizoram
e)     None of these

5). Who won the Asia Pacific Super middleweight title?
a)   Kerry Hope
b)   Devendro Singh
c)   Shiva Thapa
d)   Vijender Singh
e)   None of these

6). Who was appointed as the UNESCO Artist for Peace by the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova?
a)   Martin Luther
b)   Silvester Stalin
c)   Kudsi Erguner
d)   David Marithon
e)   None of these

7). Who won the prestigious Google Community Impact Award from Asia, a theme based award part of Google Science Fair 2016?
a)   Advay Ramesh
b)   Advay Mahesh
c)   Advay Suresh
d)   Advay Prakash
e)   Advay Dinesh

8). Pema Khandu is sworn in as the Chief Minister of which state?
a)   Assam
b)   Nagaland
c)   Arunachal Pradesh
d)   Mizoram
e)   None of these

9). A Tamil Nadu court has ordered a pay hike of up to _____ per-cent for garment manufacturing firms' workers in the state.
a)   15%
b)   30%
c)   60%
d)   120%
e)   None of these

10). Which among the following Indian Banks has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Canada-based Brookfield Asset Management Inc to form a joint venture which will independently evaluate and invest in various stressed assets in the country?
a)   Bank of Baroda
b)   Syndicate Bank
c)   State Bank of India
d)   Axis Bank
e)   RBL Bank

1)e   2)c   3)a   4)b   5)d   6)c   7)a   8)c   9)b   10)c

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