23 Aug 2016

Important Static GK Bits for IBPS PO/Clerk Exams 2016

Important Static GK Bits for (Mixed) IBPS PO/Clerk Exams 2016 Set - 43:
Dear Readers, Now a days in bank exams, more number of questions were asked from Static General GK. To help you in this part here we have given the list of important Static GK Bits. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can make use of it.

1). World Yoga Day is observed on
a) 21rd January
b) 21st September
c) 21st December
d) 21st June
e) None of the above

2). World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on______ ?
a) October 11th
b) October 21st
c) October 31st
d) October 1st
e) None of the above

3). Merdeka Tournament is related to which sport?
a) Foot Ball
b) Hockey
c) Horse Racing
d) Rowing
e) None of the above

4). Which among the following cups not related to Hockey?
a) Scindia Gold Cup
b) Rangaswamy Cup
c) Murugappa Gold Cup
d) Modi Gold Cup
e) None of the above

5). Anthropological Museum is a famous museum located at
a) Delanipur
b) Vadodara
c) Port Blair
d) Nilambur
e) Imphal

6). Gandhi Memorial Museum is in which city?
a) Madurai
b) Erdore
c) Karur
d) Cundalore
e) None of the above

7). Tagline of United India Insurance Company Limited is
a) Faideyka Insurance
b) We know Healthcare
c) Rest Assured with Us
d) Kal par Control
e) None of the above

8). “You click, we cover” is the tagline of which Insurance company in India?
a) Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
b) Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
c) PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited
d) Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited
e) None of the above

9). “Faster than Lightning: My Autobiography” of which famous personality?
a) P. T. Usha
b) Usain Bolt
c) Mary Kom
d) Milka Singh
e) None of the above

10). “My Life” is the autobiography of
a) Bill Clinton
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Winston Churchill
e) None of the above


1)d   2)d   3)a   4)e   5)c   6)a   7)c   8)d   9)b   10)a  

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