2 Aug 2016

Important Static GK Bits (Mixed) for IBPS PO Exams 2016

Important Static GK Bits for (Stock Exchanges) SBI / IBPS PO Exams 2016
Important Static GK Bits for (Mixed) IBPS PO Exams 2016 Set -23:
Dear Readers, Now a days in bank exams, more number of questions were asked from Static General GK, so everyone has started focusing more on it. To help you in this part here we have given the list of important Static GK Bits. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can make use of it.

1). Shore Temple located in
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Kerala
d) Karnataka
e) Mizoram

2). Basilica of Bom Jesus Church located in
a) Madras
b) Cochin
c) Goa
d) Mysore
e) None of these

3). What is the currency of Costa Rica?
a) Costa Rican Dollar                     
b) Costa Rican Peso                    
c) Costa Rican Colon
d) Costa Rican Ruble                     
e) None of these

4). What is the capital of Burkina Faso?
a) Ouagadougou             
b) Antananarivo                
c) Addis Ababa          
d) Bangui     
e) None of these

5). Famous Wular Lake is located in
a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
c) Haryana
d) Jammu and Kashmir
e) None of these

6). Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in
a) Maharashtra
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Mizoram
d) Meghalaya
e) None of these

7). With which game does Davis Cup is associated ?
a) Hockey                 
b) Table Tennis
c) Lawn Tennis        
d) Polo
e) None of these

8). World red cross day falls on—
a) May 3                                
b) May 8
c) May 10                             
d) May 11
e) May 12

9). Jawaharlal Nehru award is given for :
a) Government science                    
b) Literary work
c) International Understanding    
d) Social Work
e) None of these

10). Manas National Park situated in which state________
a) Assam
b) Jharkhand
c) Tripura
d) Nagaland
e) None of these


1)b   2)c   3)c   4)a   5)d   6)a   7)c   8)b   9)c   10)a

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