8 Sep 2016

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”:
Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its meaning with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

1). Tendentious
Meaning: partisan, expressing, intending
Definition: expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.
Usage: A tendentious reading of history

2). Credence
Meaning: acceptance, belief, faith, trust, confidence, reliance, traction
Definition: belief in or acceptance of something as true.
Usage:  Psychoanalysis finds little credence among laymen

3). Reluctant
Meaning: unwilling, disinclined, grudging, resistant, opposed, antipathetic.
Definition: unwilling and hesitant; disinclined..
Usage: She seemed reluctant to answer.

4). Disingenuous    
Meaning: dishonest, deceitful, underhand, underhanded, duplicitous, lying, false
Definition: not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
Usage: This journalist was being somewhat disingenuous as well as cynical

5). Ascribing
Meaning: attribute, assign, put down, set down, accredit, credit
Definition: regard something as being due to (a cause).
Usage: He ascribed Jane's short temper to her upset stomach.

6). Maverick
Meaning: individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, eccentric, outerside
Definition: an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
Usage: He's the maverick of the senate

7). Verdict
Meaning: judgement, adjudication, decision, finding, ruling, resolution, decree, order
Definition: a decision on an issue of fact in a civil or criminal case or an inquest
Usage:  The jury returned a verdict of not guilty

8). Embroil
Meaning: Involve, entangle, ensnare, enmesh, catch up, mix up, bog down, mire
Definition: involve (someone) deeply in an argument, conflict, or difficult situation.
Usage: The organization is currently embroiled in running battles with pressure groups.

9). Reckless  
Meaning: rash, careless, thoughtless, incautions, heedless, unheeding, inattentive, precipitate
Definition: heedless of danger or the consequences of one's actions; rash or impetuous
Usage:  You mustn't be so reckless".

10). Legislative  
Meaning: law-making, judicial, juridical, administrative
Definition: having the power to make laws..
Usage: The country's supreme legislative body.

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