26 Sep 2016

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”

English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”:
Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its meaning with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

Daily Vocabulary Words – 26.09.2016
1). Persuade
Meaning: Coax, sway, prompt, inveigle, entice, tempt, make, get
Definition: induce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.
Usage: It wasn't easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing

2). Fluff
Meaning: Fuzz, lint, dust
Definition: soft fibres from fabrics such as wool or cotton which accumulate in small light clumps.
Usage:  he brushed his sleeve to remove the fluff

3). Hail  
Meaning: Sleet, precipitation, beat, rain, fall, drop
Definition: pellets of frozen rain which fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds
Usage: rain and hail bounced on the tiled roof

4). Allude  
Meaning: refer to, suggest, hint at, imply, mention, touch on, cite
Definition: suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at.
Usage: She had a way of alluding to Jean but never saying her name

5). Defy  
Meaning: disobey, refuse to obey, flout, disregard, ignore        
Definition: openly resist or refuse to obey.
Usage: a woman who defies convention

6). Elude
Meaning: evade, avoid, get away from, dodge, flee, escape(from)
Definition: escape from or avoid (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skilful or cunning way.
Usage: he tried to elude the security men by sneaking through a back door

7). Ambivalent
Meaning: Equivocal, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive, irresolute, unresolved, mixed
Definition: having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.
Usage: some loved her, some hated her, few were ambivalent about her

8). Anecdote  
Meaning: Story, tale, narrative, sketch
Definition: a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person
Usage: He told anecdotes about his job

9). Demur
Meaning:  object, protest, take issue, take exception,cavil
Definition: raise objections or show reluctance.
Usage:  normally she would have accepted the challenge, but she demurred.

10). Discreet  
Meaning: careful, circumspect, cautious, wary, chary, guarded, close-mouthed
Definition: careful and prudent in one's speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment.

Usage: We made some discreet inquiries

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