20 Sep 2016

IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions

IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions
IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions  Set-12:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming IBPS Clerk Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of the input and its rearrangement.
Input:    song 72 excel owl 28 11 power 81 40 cut
Step I:  excel song 72 owl 28 power 81 40 cut 11
Step II:  excel owl song 72 power 81 40 cut 11 28
Step III:    excel owl cut song 72 power 81 11 28 40
Step IV:     excel owl cut power song 81 11 28 40 72
Step V:  excel owl cut power song 11 28 40 72 81
Step V is the last step of the above input. As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions, the appropriate step for the given input below and answer the questions based on it.

Input: collection 53 vitamin 49 33 article 45 application 23 ice 69 encourage best

1). What will be the position of ‘69’ in Step IV?
a)    9th from the left  
b)    Fifth from the right
c)    Extreme left        
d)    Extreme right
e)    None of these

2). Which step would be the following output? ‘application article encourage collection 53 vitamin 49 ice 69 best 23 33 45’
a)    IV        
b)    V  
c)    VI        
d)    III        
e)    VII

3). How many steps will be required to complete the arrangement of the above input?
a)    Four         
b)    Five         
c)    Six
d)    Seven      
e)    None of these

4). Which of the following steps would be the last step but one?
a)    V  
b)    VI 
c)    VII
d)    IV 
e)    None of these

5). Which word/number would be at the 9th position from the right end in Step V?
a)    collection
b)    vitamin    
c)    best
d)    53 
e)    49

Directions (Q. 6–10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow.
Eight persons – Balan, Balbir, Baldev, Balwant, Bansi, Barun, Bashir and Bimal – are sitting around a circular table facing away from the centre, Each of them likes a movie of a different actor, viz Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Mohan Lal, Mammooty, Kamal Haasan, Amir Khan, Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu, but not necessarily in the same order. Balan, who likes Mammooty, sits third to the right of Bansi. The one who likes Mahesh Babu sits second to the left of Balwant, who likes the movie of Rajnikanth. Baldev, who likes Amitabh Bachchan, sits between the persons who like Amir Khan and Mahesh Babu. Balwant sits second to the left of Balbir, who cannot sit adjacent to Bansi. Bashir likes Chiranjeevi and sits second to the right of Bimal, who likes Mohan Lal.

6). What is the position of Balwant with respect to the person who likes the movie of Amitabh Bachchan?
a)    Third to the left
b)    Third to the right
c)    Second to the right
d)    Fifth to the right
e)    Fourth to the left

7). Which of the following combinations is definitely true?
a)    Balan – Mahesh Babu
b)    Bimal – Rajnikanth
c)    Bansi – Chiranjeevi
d)    Barun –Mammooty
e)    Balbir – Kamal Haasan

8). How many persons are sitting between Bansi and the person who likes the movie acted by Mammooty (if counted from Bansi in clockwise direction)?
a)    One
b)    Two
c)    Three
d)    None
e)    More than three

9). Who likes the movie of Amir Khan?
a)    Balbir
b)    Balwant
c)    Bansi
d)    Barun
e)    Bimal

10). Balwant is related to ‘Mahesh Babu’ and Bashir is related to Mohan Lal. In the same way, Barun is related to whom among the following?
a)    Rajnikanth
b)    Amir Khan
c)    Chiranjeevi
d)    Amitabh Bachchan
e)    Mammooty


1)e   2)d   3)c   4)a   5)c   6)b   7)e   8)b   9)c   10)b

Detailed Solution will be provide soon...



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