12 Sep 2016

Mission IBPS PO 2016 - Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Mission IBPS PO 2016 - Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Aptitude Questions for IBPS PO and Upcoming Exams was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Find the next term in the series given.
1). 0,2,12,36,80
a)   160
b)   140
c)   150
d)   120
e)   None

2). 1,3,7,13,21,31,?
a)   42
b)   43
c)   45
d)   46
e)   None

3). 3,7,15,31,63,…
a)   107
b)   147
c)   116
d)   127
e)   None

4). 19,119,1119,11119,
a)   1119
b)   11119
c)   111119
d)   19
e)   None

5). 11,13,17,23,29,
a)   32
b)   31
c)   33
d)   35
e)   None

6).Vino borrowed a total amount of Rs.30,000/-,part of it on simple interest rate of 12 p.c.p.a and remaining on simple interest rate of 10p.c.p.a. if at the end of 2 years he paid in all Rs.36,480/- to settle the loan amount, what was the amount borrowed at 12 p.c.p.a?
a)   Rs.16,000/-
b)   Rs.18,000/-
c)   Rs.17,500/-
d)   Rs.12,000/-
e)   None of these

7).8 Boys and 4 Girls-together can complete a piece of work in 6 days. Work done by a boy in one day is double the work done by a Girls in one day. If 8 Boys and 4 Girls started working and after 2 days, 4 Boys left and 4 new Girls joined. In how many more days will the work be completed?
a)   5 days
b)   8 days
c)   6 days
d)   4 days
e)   9 days

8).A alloy contains Zinc and Copper in the ratio 5 : 8 and another alloy contains zinc and copper in the ratio 5 : 3. If equal amounts of both the alloys are melted together then the ratios of zinc and copper in the resulting alloy is
a)   25 : 24
b)   3 : 8
c)   103 : 105
d)   105 : 103
e)   None of these

9).IBM-Daksh observes that it gets a call at an interval of every 10 minutes from Seattle, at every 12 minutes from Arizona, at the interval of 20minutes from New York and after every 25 minutes it gets the calls simultaneously from all the four destinations, then at which time it will receive the calls at a time from all places on the same day?
a)   10 : 00a.m.
b)   5:00p.m.
c)   3:00a.m.
d)   Both(1) and (2)
e)   None of the above

10).The circumference of a circular ground is 88m. A strip of land,3 m wide, inside and along circumference of the ground is to be leveled. What is the budgeted expenditure if the  leveling costs Rs 7 per sq m?
a)   Rs 1,050
b)   Rs 1,125
c)   Rs 1,325
d)   Rs 1,650
e)   None of these

1)c   2)b   3)d   4)c   5)b   6)d   7)a   8)d   9)a   10)d 

1). 0,2,12,36,80,
The term is follows this rule i.e.n(n-1)2 hence the next term will be 150.
Answer: c)

The series follows the rule of n2-(n-1) hence the next term will be 43.
Answer: b)

In this series, each term is equal to one or more than twice the previous term.
Answer: d)

This is too easy and the answer is 111119.
Answer: c)

Each term is nothing but prime number so the next term must be 31
Answer: b)

6). let the amount borrowed at 12% be ‘x’
Interest accrued for two years = 36480 – 30000 = 6480
Therefore, 2 × x ×12% + 2 × (30000-x) × 10% =6480
Solving, we get x = Rs 12000
Answer: d)

7).Work done by a Boy in one day =2 × work done by a Girls in one day 1 boy =2 Girls
If 8 Boys and 4 Girls start working, then it is equivalent to 20 Girls working together (8 × 2 + 4 = 20)
20 Girls can complete a piece of work in 6 days
Work done by 20 Girls in one day = 1/6
20 Girls have worked for 2 days, then work completed =2/6 =1/3
Remaining work =2/3
If 4 Boys leaves and 4 new Girls joins, then 4 Boys and 8 Girls will be remaining i.e 16 Girls will be  working
Time taken by 16 Girls to finish remaining work = 20 × (2/3) × (6/16)=5 days
Answer: a)

8).Weight of zinc in first alloy = 5/13
Weight of zinc in second alloy =5/8
Weight of copper in first alloy =8/13
Weight of copper in second alloy =3/8
Total weight of zinc in new alloy = 5/13 + 5/8 =105 /104
Total weight of copper in new alloy =8/13+3/8 =103/104
Ratio of zinc:copper in new alloy =105/104 : 103 /104 =105 : 103
Answer: d)

9).LCM of 10,12,20 and 25 will be the time after which IBM will get all the calls at the same time
LCM of 10,12,20 and 25 =300
Hence,at 10:00 a.m., it will get all the calls at the same time
Answer: a)

Circumference of the outer circle =88m
Let the radius of the circle be R m
2 πR =88 or R =14m
As the strip of the land should be 3m, the radius of the inner circle is 11m
To find the cost of leveling, we have to find the area of the shaded region i.e.area of outer circle minus area of inner circle
Area of the shaded region= π (14 ×14 -11 ×11) = 235.65sqm
Cost of leveling per sq.m =Rs 7
Cost of leveling the shaded region =235.65 × 7 =Rs 1649.55
Answer: d)



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