7 Sep 2016

Mission IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions

Mission IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions  Set-3:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming IBPS PO Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

1). Which of the following expressions will be definitely true if the given expressions ‘A ≥D = E < B’, ‘F ≤ C < E’ is definitely true?
a)   A ≥ B
b)   F < D
c)   B ≥ E
d)   C > E
e)   None of these

2). Which of the following should be placed in blank spaces respectively (in the same order from left to right) in order to complete the given expression in such a manner that makes the expression R > S definitely true ? _____________ ≥________ > ______≤ ____
a)   P, R, Q, S
b)   S, Q, P, R
c)   R, Q, S, P
d)   P, S, Q, R
e)   None of these

3). Which of the following symbols should replace the question mark in the given expression in order to make the expressions ‘N > P’ and ‘L ≤ N’ definitely true? P<L = O? N ≥M
a)   > 
d)   Either < or ≤
e)   =

4). In which of the following expressions will the expression ‘A ≤ D’ can be true?
a)   B=A ≥ C ≤ D
b)   D > B = C ≤ A
c)   A > C ≥ D < B
d)   C > D = B ≥ A
e)   None of these

5). If the expressions ‘L ≤P >R > O > S’ is true, which of the following conclusions will be definitely false?
a)   O<P
b)   P>S
c)   R<S
d)   P≥L
e)   None of these

Directions [6-9]: Read the following information carefully to answer these questions.
A.   In a family of six members P, Q, R, S, T and U each one has a different hobby.
B.   The varieties in hobbies are Cooking, Driving, Singing, Dancing, Mimicry and Politics.
C.   There are three married couples.
D.   No female has Dancing or Mimicry as her hobby.
E.   S is the brother of P.
F.   Q is the daughter-in-law of T, who has cooking as her hobby
G.  The singer is married to the dancer.
H.   U does not sing.
I.     P, who is the son of R, has Driving as his hobby.

6).Who among the following has Mimicry as hobby?
a)   Q
b)   R
c)   S
d)   U
e)   Data inadequate

7).  How is Q related to P?
a)   Daughter- in-law
b)   Sister-in-law
c)   Sister
d)   Mother
e)   Data inadequate

8).  What is the hobby of U?
a)   Singing
b)   Dancing
c)   Politics
d)   Mimicry
e)   Data inadequate

9).  Which of the following hobby pair for a husband-wife combination is definitely true?
a)   Driving- Singing
b)   Singing – Mimicry
c)   Mimicry –Politics
d)   Politics – Driving
e)   Mimicry – Driving

10). Pointing to a photograph, Shyam said, “His mother’s only child is my father’s only son”. Whose photograph is Shyam pointing to?
a)   Brother’s
b)   His own
c)   Cousin’s
d)   Father’s
e)   Nephew

1)b   2)c   3)c   4)d   5)c   6)b   7)b   8)c   9)d   10)b

1). From both the expressions: Since D = E, F≤ C <D
Hence, F< D
Answer: b)

2). Consider option1:
Relationship between R and S cannot be determined
Consider option2:
Relationship between R and S cannot be determined
Consider option 3:
Since R ≥ Q and Q > S, expression R > S is definitely true
Answer: c)

3). Consider expression, P<L = O ≤ N ≥ M
Then it can concluded that both the expressions ‘ N  > P’ and “ L ≤ N’ are definitely true.
Answer: c)

4). Consider option1: Relationship between A and D cannot be determined
Consider option2: Relationship between A and D cannot be determined
Consider option3: ‘A ≤ D’ is definitely false
Consider option4: ‘A ≤ D’ is definitely true
Answer: d)

5). Option 1 is true
Option 2 is true
Option 3 is false
Option 4 is true
Answer: c)

Directions (Q. 6-9):

10). Shyam is pointing to himself
Shyam’s gender is not given. So, if we assume Shyam as male, then his father’s only son will be himself
If we assume Shyam as female, then his father’s only son will be her brother. But according to the first statement, his mother have only child. Hence ,this assumption is invalid.
Answer: b)


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