15 Sep 2016

Practice English Questions with Detailed Explanation for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016

Practice English Questions with Detailed Explanation for IBPS PO/Clerk 2016
Practice English Questions with Detailed Explanation for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016 Set-17:
Dear Readers, many of our followers has requested detailed explanation for the practice English questions, in order to fulfil their needs, we have decided to provide detailed explanation for the practice English questions. We hope it will help you lot.

Direction (Q.1-10): In the following sentences, four words printed in bold type are given. These are marked as (a), (b), (c), (d). One of these words printed in bold might either be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word that is inappropriate or wrongly spelt, if any. The choice of the word is your answer. If the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and appropriate in the context of the sentences then mark (e) i.e. “All correct” as your answer.

1). The company is assured (a)/ for a quantum (b)/ jumps as it has ventured into Indian markets which have excellent (c) / growth opportunities (d). All correct (e).

2). Water (a) / borne (b)/ diseases are a major (c)/ concerned (d)/ for people in this region. All correct (e).

3). The professor (a)/ adapted (b)/ a new method (c)/ to solve the problem (d)/ in the textbook. All correct (e).

4). A worker (a)/ usually does not leaf (b)/ for work until he has finished (c)/ all his household chores (d). All correct (e).

5). The suspicion (a)/was paralysed (b)/ as a consequence (c)/ of the tortuous (d)/interrogation. All correct (e).

6). While persuading (a)/ others about (b)/false claims (c)/ he maintain a strait (d)/face. All correct (e).

7). An author (a)/ who was famous during (b)/ the freedom struggle lived (c)/ in that cottage which overlooks (d)/ the lake. All correct (e).

8). The agendum (a)/ for tomorrow’s (b)/ meeting has (c)/ been drawn (d)/ up. All correct (e).

9). The management (a)/ could not find the flaws (b)/ in the project (c)/because it is a strenuous (d)/procedure. All correct (e).

10). Her utopian idea (a)/was entertaining (b)/ but it was not acceptable (c)/ to everyone in the group (d). All correct (e).

Answers with detailed explanation:
1). Answer- (e), All correct
2). Answer- (d), correct word is concern.
3). Answer- (b), adapted is inappropriate, correct word is ‘adopted’
4). Answer- (b), leave is correct word
5). Answer- (a), correct word is ‘suspect’ which means person thought to be guilty of crime/offence.
6). Answer- (d), correct word is ‘straight’.
7). Answer- (e), All correct
8). Answer- (a), correct word is agenda.
9). Answer- (d), word ‘strenuous’ has been wrongly spelt.
10). Answer- (e), All correct

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