7 Oct 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 [Answers updated]

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016
Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-10:
Dear Readers, IBPS PO examination 2016 is approaching shortly and we hope that you all preparing well for it. Here we have started providing Expected General Awareness Questions which consist of questions from Current Affairs, Banking Industry and Static GK. Kindly make use of it. If you required any Study Materials send your request to this email- admin@ibpsguide.com


1). Who of the following won the mixed doubles of 2016 Brazil Open Grand Prix?
a)  Tarun Kona and Sikki Reddy
b)  Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Sikki Reddy
c)   Manu Attri and Pradnya Gadre
d)  Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Pradnya Gadre
e)  None of these

2). Which country ghost WHO South-East Asia Region’s annual committee meeting?
a)  Sri Lanka
b)  India
c)   Nepal
d)  Bhutan
e)  None of these

3). Urjit Patel recently assumed charge as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. He is RBI’s?
a)  24th Governor
b)  23rd Governor
c)   26thGovernor
d)  22nd Governor
e)  None of these

4). Which of the following state launched country’s first aadhaar linked exam forms?
a)  Maharashtra
b)  Goa
c)   Bihar
d)  Kerala
e)  None of these

5). Which US tennis star won her 308th Grand Slam match win taking her into the quarter finals of the US Open?
a)  Venus Williams
b)  Serena Williams
c)   Maria Sharapova
d)  Steffi Graf
e)  None of these

6). Who is the governor of Assam?
a)  Banwarilal Purohit
b)  Kaptan Singh Solanki
c)   Vajubhai ValA
d)  Mridula Sinha
e)  None of these

7). Who was named as a brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh for state tourism to boost tourism?
a)  Arjun Rampal
b)  Ranveer Singh
c)   John Abraham
d)  Rannvijay Singh
e)  None of these

8). The 11th Summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) was recently concluded in which of the following cities?
a)  Victoria City
b)  Hamburg
c)   Nanjing
d)  Hangzhou
e)  None of these

9). Union Health Minister J P Nadda has launched a Case Detection campaign for a disease in the country. Name the disease?
a)  Coeliac
b)  Leprosy
c)   Tuberculosis
d)  Viral Hepatitis
e)  None of these

10). The Union Government recently launched the UrjaMitra Helpline for power outages. What is the helpline number?
a)  14401
b)  19999
c)   10920
d)  92700
e)  None of these

11). What is the prescribed upper limit transaction through RTGS?
a)  Rs. 5 lakh
b)  Rs. 1 lakh
c)   Rs. 2 lakh
d)  Rs. 3 lakh
e)  Rs. 2.5 lakh

12). Distribution of insurance products and insurance policies by banks as corporate agents is called as_______.
a)  Deposit Insurance
b)  General Insurance
c)   Bancassurance
d)  Banking Insurance
e)  None of the above

13). Banks are calculating the interest of the savings bank account on________.
a)  Minimum balance from 10th to last day of the month
b)  Minimum balance during the month
c)   Maximum balance during the month
d)  Daily product basis
e)  None of the above

14). Among the following who is the largest shareholder of a nationalized bank?
a)  Government of India
b)  RBI
c)   SBI
e)  None of the above

15). Banks in our country normally publicize that additional interest rate is allowed on retail domestic term deposit of_______.
a)  Married Women
b)  Minors
c)   Senior Citizen
d)  Government Employees
e)  None of the above

16). Sun city of India_________
a)  Jaipur, Rajasthan
b)  Udaipur, Rajasthan
c)   Jodhpur, Rajasthan
d)  Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
e)  Hyderabad, Telangana

17). Deodhar Trophy is associated with which game/sports_________
a)  Badminton
b)  Football
c)   Hockey
d)  Cricket
e)  Tennis

18). Buddh international circuit stadium location in__________
a)  Jaipur, Rajasthan
b)  Patna, Bihar
c)   Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
d)  Kolkata, West Bengal
e)  Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

19). Who is the minister of chemical and fertilizers of India ________
a)  Ananth kumar
b)  Kalraj Mishra
c)   Ravi Shankar Prasad
d)  Ashok Gajapathi Raju
e)  None of these

20). Which state has lowest rural population according to census 2011 ___________ .
a)  Goa
b)  Sikkim
c)   Maharastra
d)  Punjab
e)  None of these


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