18 Oct 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016
Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-21:
Dear Readers, IBPS PO examination 2016 is approaching shortly and we hope that you all preparing well for it. Here we have started providing Expected General Awareness Questions which consist of questions from Current Affairs, Banking Industry and Static GK. Kindly make use of it. If you required any Study Materials send your request to this email- admin@ibpsguide.com


1). Hindi diwas was celebrated on ________?
a)  September 14
b)  September 12
c)   September 13
d)  September  11
e)  None of the above

2). Which of the following state inaugurated nation first Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Store ?
a)  Maharashtra
b)  Bihar
c)   Odisha
d)  Madhya Pradesh
e)  Arunachal Pradesh

3). Which of the following state has nation second 100% electrification status?
a)  Gujarat
b)  Andhra Pradesh
c)   Telangana
d)  Assam
e)  Rajasthan

4). 3rd BRICS Urbanization Forum Meet begins in?
a)  Hyderabad
b)  Mumbai
c)   Visakhapatnam
d)  Amravati
e)  None of the above

5). Freecharge partners with which of the following bank to launches UPI payment?
b)  AXIZ
c)   IDBI
d)  SBI
e)  None of the above

6). Anoop K Sharma new CMD of _______ Corporation?
a)  Shipping
b)  Mining
c)   Cool
d)  Road
e)  None of the above 

7). Devendra Jhajharia wins gold at Paralympics? he belongs to which of the following sports?
a)  Javelin thrower
b)  Long jump
c)   Short put
d)  Sprinter
e)  None of the above

8). Who is the union minister of sports?
a)  Vijay Goel
b)  Vijay goal
c)   Vijay singh
d)  Vendara prathan
e)  None of the above

9). Indian American scientist  who wins US$500000 2016 Lemelson-MIT Prize?
a)  Ramesh Raskar
b)  Raskar Ramesh
c)   Ramesh kumar
d)  Ramesh varma
e)  None of the above

10). Which of the following Asian Countries referred to as “Nippon”?
a)  South Korea
b)  Afghanistan
c)   China
d)  Japan
e)  Malaysia

11). The WACA Cricket ground is in which country?
a)  Australia
b)  Pakistan
c)   New Zealand
d)  South Africa
e)  None of the above

12). Kanchenjunga Stadium is in which place of India?
a)  Silguri, West Bengal
b)  Kolkata, West Bengal
c)   Aizawl, Mizoram
d)  Thane, Maharahtra
e)  None of the above

13). Mollem National Park is located in
a)  Chhattisgarh
b)  Goa
c)   Sikkim
d)  Punjab
e)  None of the above

14). Indravati National Park is in which state?
a)  Kerala
b)  Chhattisgarh
c)   Gujarat
d)  Andhra Pradesh
e)  None of the above

15). EBT stands for_________.
a)  Electronic Behind Treatment
b)  Electronic Belated Transfer
c)   Electronic Benefit Transfer
d)  Electronic Begin Transaction
e)  Electronic Best  Transaction

16). A bank normally does not have a deal with as issue related to__________.
a)  Intellectual property rights
b)  Payment and settlement system
c)   Contractual rights of creditors
d)  Cases of insolvency
e)  None of the above

17). In which year does the Reserve Bank of India was nationalized?
a)  1949
b)  1950
c)   1952
d)  1955
e)  1956

18). Which of the following acts governs the RBI Functions?
a)  Foreign Exchange regulation act 1973
b)  Companies Act 1956
c)   Banking Regulation Act 1949
d)  RBI Act 1934
e)  All the above

19).  Who is the first government of the RBI?
a)  Sir Benegal Rama Rao
b)  Sir James Taylor
c)   Sir Osborne Smith
d)  C D Deshmukh
e)  Simth oxfors

20). World’s largest dam located in?
a)  India
b)  China
c)   USA
d)  Russia
e)  None of these

1).a)  2).e)  3).b)  4).c)  5).b)  6).a)  7).a)  8).a)  9).a)  10).d)   11).a)  12).a)  13).b)  14).b)  15).c)  16).a)  17).a)  18).d)  19).c)  20).b) 


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