29 Oct 2016

GK questions Asked in the Bank of Maharashtra Exam 2016 (All Slot) Download in PDF

GK questions Asked in the Bank of Maharashtra Exam 2016 (All Slot) Download in PDF :
Dear Readers, many of our readers have shared BOM Exam's GK Questions asked in the examination, we have provided them here with answers, make use of it.

General Awareness Questions Asked in BOM Exam 2016 (All Slots)
1.        What is the capital of Lisbon ?
Answer -  Portugal
2.        What is the Capital of Denmark?
3.        What is the Capital of  Myanmar?
Answer – Naypi Daw
4.        What is the Currency of Denmark
Answer- Krone
5.        What is the Currency of South Africa?
Answer- Rand
6.        What ‘U’ Stands for in UPI
Answer- Unified
7.        What does ‘I’ stand for in UPI?
Answer - Interface
8.        Which bank has launched India's first locker facility powered by robotic technology, Christened as 'Smart Vault'?
   Answer -ICICI Bank
9.        Where is the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport ?
Answer - Nagpur, Maharashtra
10.      Where is Great Victoria Desert located?
Answer- Australia
11.      How much denomination coin can be issued?
Answer - Rs. 10
12.      Which bank has issue first gold coins?
Answer- Indian Overseas Bank
13.      Where is Indian Overseas Bank Headquarters Located ?
Answer– Chennai
14.      Where is the Prathama Bank Headquarter located?
Answer-  Moradabad, UP
15.      Where is the Bandhan Bank Headquarter Located?
Answer- Kolkata
16.      What is the Head Quarter of Indian Bank?
Answer – Chennai
17.      What is the Headquarter of WFP __________ ?
Answer-Rome, Itlay
18.      Which is has Head quarts at Manipal, Karnataka?
Answer – Syndicate Bank
19.      Who is the Head of Bankruptcy & Insolvency 2016 Board?
Answer– MS Sahoo
20.      R stands for in RTGS ?
Answer – Real (Real Time Gross Settlement)
21.      What is SFMS stands for?
Answer- Structured Financial Messaging System
22.      What is FSB stands for?
Answer - Financial Stability Board 
23.      What is the Full form of BCSBI?
Answer – Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
24.      Engineers Day is observed on -_______ ?
Answer– September 15
25.      October 16th is observed as?
Answer -World Food Day
26.      Hindi divas celebrated on _____?
Answer – 14th September
27.      Urjit Patel is ____ th governor of RBI.
28.      Before Governor of RBI Urjit Patel was the ______?
Answer - Deputy Governor of RBI
29.      ECGC is funded by _______?
Answer - Govt. Of India
30.      MUDRA is the subsidiary of ______?
Answer- SIDBI
31.      which bank has tagline of "Apka Bhala and Sabki Bhalayi"?
Answer - Bandhan Bank
32.      BARAK 8 missile was developed by India in collaboration with which Country?
Answer – Israel
33.      Who is the CEO of Jammu & Kashmir Bank ?
Answer– Parvez Ahamad
34.      Who is the CEO of Tata Motors?
Answer – Guenter Butschek
35.      Who is the CEO of BCCI ?
Answer – Rahul Johri
36.      Who is the Governer of Arunachal Pradesh?
Answer – V. Shanmuganathan
37.      What does Last 6 digits in IFSC Code denotes?
Answer - Branch code
38.      How many digits are there in IFSC code?
Answer – 11 digits
39.      What is the venue of the 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)?
Answer- Venezuela
40.      What percentage of State Governments share in RRBs?
Answer - 15%
41.      Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were established in 1975 to Recommendations of _______________?
Answer - Narsimham Committee
42.      Whose autobiography has the Title of  "At The Close Of Play"?
Answer- Ricky Pointing
43.      What is the product of NACH Debit ?
Answer – NPCI
44.      What is the full form of NPCI?
  Answer – National Payments Corporation of India
45.      Which organisation is an umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India?
Answer- NPCI
46.      Merchant Banking is regulated by_____?
Answer- SEBI
47.      What is the India's first credit rating agency?
Answer- CRISIL
48.      Is the What Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) Premium of a year?
Answer- Rs 330
49.      National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) Established in 1969 by the Reserve Bank of India, in consultation with the Government playing a proactive role of "think-tank" of the banking system ______?
Answer-  Pune, Maharashtra
50.    What is the Current Bank rate?
Answer – 6.75%
51.      What is the Current Repo rate?
Answer – 6.25%
52.      IRCTC tiesup with which bank to promote Rail tickets?
Answer – SBI
53.      Which Bank has Buddy App?
Answer – SBI
54.      Where the SBI has starts new branch in Myanmar?
Answer – Yangon
55.      Which bank launched portal for Intra branch trasfers for employees?
Answer – SBI
56.      Who is the Deputy General manager of IMF?
Answer– David Lipton
57.      Where is the Russia Joint venture Kudankulam Plant located ?
Answer – Tamilnadu
58.      World Bank & AIIB approved loan of 6325cr for Which city metro project?
Answer – Pune
59.      Qatar based bank using Centrum expertise to scale up in India & GCC countries?
Answer – Doha Bank
RBI issued guidelines to publish Photographs of who doesn’t pay loan ?
Answer – Wilful Defaulters
60.      RBL acquires 10% Stake in ______?
Answer – Utkarsh Finance Services
61.      Which company has launched Jio MoneyWallet?
Answer– Reliance
62.      Reliance Jio Money ties up with which Bank?
Answer – Federal Bank
63.      Among the Following options who is a not member of Monetary policy committee ?
Answer – SS Mundra
64.      What is the Maximum Limit of Prepaid Instrument ?
Answer – 1 Lakh
65.      What is the Exceed Limit In Micro enterprise in Plant & Machinery?
Answer– 25 Lakhs
66.      E-Nivaran for Taxpayer Grievances launched by _______ ?
Answer  – CBDT
67.      When GST will implement?
Answer – 01-04-2017
68.      Which bank has Acqured BSS Microfinanace?
Answer – Kotak Mahindra Bank
69.      What is the deadline RBI has set  to report on Cyber Attacks ?
Answer– 31-03-2017
70.      Which Company acquires Yahoo Inc?
Answer – Verizon
71.      Limit in Priority Sector Adjust Net Bank credit______ ?
Answer– 40%
72.      Small Finance Bank Limit in Iinter Borrowings is _____?
Answer – No Limit
73.      UN revised World Population Prospects by 2030 is _____?
Answer– 8.5 bn
74.      Nasscom tiesup with Which social network website to promote Startups?
Answer – Facebook
75.      Who is the Bombay Highcourt Chief Justice ?
Answer– Manjula Chellur
76.      ISRO launches GSAT-18 from ________?
Answer – Korou
77.      UCO Bank to raise 270 crore shares in which insurance company?
Answer – LIC
78.      Which is the First state to approve sewage water?
Answer -Rajasthan
79.      Forbes Three Most Powerful Indian Women?
Answer – Chanda Kochar
80.      What is the Maximum limit of tarun under mudra yojna?
Answer – 10 lakhs
81.      What is soiled note ?
Answer– means a note which, has become dirty due to usage
82.      Who got the Nobel peace prize 2016 ?
Answer – Juan Manuel santos
83.      Which is the Longest Rail network in the world?
Answer – U.S.
84.      Which country has World Longest bullet train network?
Answer – China
85.      What is the profession of Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai?
Answer – Education, Science, Administration and Social Welfare.
86.      Which Country won more medals in Rio Olympics?
Answer – USA
87.      Who is Deepa Malik ?
Answer – Indian Athlete
88.      Deepa Malik who won the silver medal in Rio Paralympices related to which sport?
Answer– Shotput
89.      Who is the first Indian Paralympian to win two gold medals?
Answer  – Devendra Jhajharia
90.      Who won the Olympic Bronze Medal?
Answer – Sakshi Malik


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