24 Oct 2016

Important Banking Awareness (Static) Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016

Important Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk 2016
Important Banking Awareness (Static) Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016 Set-48:
Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

1). Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd is going to be merged with which of the following? 
a)    DHFL Vysya Housing Finance Ltd
b)    Cent Bank Home Finance Limited
c)    Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd.
d)    Manipal Housing Finance Syndicate Ltd.
e)    None of these

2). Which of the following fall under the qualitative method of credit control adopted by RBI?
a)    Selective credit control 
b)    Moral suasion 
c)    Credit authorization scheme  
d)    All of the above  
e)    None of the above

3). Which of the following banks has planned to commence urban microfinance operations in its 85 branches across the country? 
a)    Yes Bank
b)    Kotak Mahindra Bank
c)    ICICI Bank
d)    Axis Bank
e)    None of these

4).  ______is the percentage of total deposits of a bank which it has to keep with itself in the form of liquid assets. 
a)    Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)    
b)    Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) 
c)    Statutory Reserve Ratio            
d)    Cash Ratio
e)    None of these

5). According to a recent news, the State Bank of India was being put in “Hall of Shame” list along with some other banks. The reason for this was 
a)    for not recovering the NPAs in the last 6 months
b)    for financing a US cluster bomb manufacturer
c)    for supporting Vijay Malaya
d)    it listed the worst NPAs ever the last quarter
e)    None of these

6).  When Reserve Bank intends to increase credit by the banking system, it
a)    Reduces the bank rate        
b)    Raises the bank rate
c)    Freezes the bank rate                        
d)    None of these          
e)    All of these

7). Which of the following has decided to block LPG subsidy and PAN of the tax defaulters? 
a)    RBI
b)    SBI
c)    Income Tax Department
d)    Govt. of India
e)    Finance Ministry

8).  Bank rate means
a)    The rate of interest charged by the bank on advances  
b)    The rate of interest paid by banks on the deposits 
c)    The standard rate at which the RBI is prepared to buy or to rediscount eligible bills of exchange or other commercial papers of commercial banks   
d)    None of the above     
e)    All of the above 

9). According to a report by Reserve Bank of India, country’s gross bad loans are expected to grow from 7.6% to ________ by March 2017. 
a)    9.2%
b)    8.2%
c)    8.5%
d)    8.0%
e)    None of these

10). Which is the authority in India for effecting changes in the cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio?
a)    Government of India   
b)    RBI   
c)    Indian banks Association 
d)    CRR and SLR association 

e)    None of the above


1)a    2)d     3)d      4)a     5)b     6)a     7)c    8)c    9)c    10)b

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