20 Oct 2016

Important Computer Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016

Important Computer Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk 2016
Important Computer Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016 Set-47:
Dear Readers, The List of important computer Quiz for upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB exams 2016 was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

1). The purpose of the primary key in a database is to :
a)    unlock the database
b)    provide a map of the data
c)    uniquely identify a record
d)    establish constraints on database operations
e)    None of these

2).  Using Windows Explorer, a plus (+) sign in front of a folder indicates—
a)    an open folder.
b)    the folder contains subfolders.
c)    a text file.
d)    a graphics file
e)    none of these

3). All of the following statements concerning windows are true EXCEPT—
a)    windows are an example of a command-driven environment.
b)    windows can be resized and repositioned on the desktop.
c)    more than one window can be open at a time.
d)    toolbars and scrollbars are features of windows.
e)    None of these

4). The memory resident portion of the operating system is called the—
a)    Registry
b)    API
c)    CMOS
d)    Kernel
e)    None of these

5). The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored in:
a)    RAM
b)    ROM
c)    The CPU
d)    The hard drive
e)    None of these

6).  Which of the following is not a tower?
a)    CPU
b)    Motherboard
c)    Peripheral
d)    All of the above
e)    None of these

7).  The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are called—
a)    cells
b)    sheets
c)    block lines
d)    gridlines
e)    None of these

8).  What is usually used for displaying information at public places ?
a)    Monitors
b)    Overhead Projections
c)    Monitors and Overhead Projections
d)    Touch Screen Kiosks
e)    None of these

9). Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task ?
a)    Function
b)    Control
c)    Arrow
d)    Space bar
e)    None of these

10). Fax machines and imaging systems are examples of—
a)    bar-code readers
b)    imaging systems
c)    scanning devices
d)    pen-based systems
e)    None of these

1). c)  2). b)  3). a)  4). d)  5). b)  6). c)  7). d)  8). d)  9). b)  10). b)


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