20 Oct 2016

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for IBPS PO/Clerk Exams 2016

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for IBPS PO/Clerk Exams (18th October 2016):
Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

1). Which luxurious train has received the 2016 ‘Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards‘at Marbella in Spain?
a)  Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express
b)  Gurudev express
c)   Maharaja Express
d)  Royal Scotsman
e)  Venice Simplon Orient Express

2). Name the state govt which has roll out biometrics authentication for NFSA beneficiaries?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Odisha
c)   Telangana
d)  Kerala
e)  New delhi

3). Prime Minster Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated three hydropower projects of 1,752 MW capacity in which state of India?
a)  Uttarakhand
b)  Himachal Pradesh
c)   Maharashtra
d)  Tamil Nadu
e)  Andhra Pradesh

4). The 2017 Indian Science Congress (ISC) will be held in which of the following states?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Arunchal Pradesh
c)   Telangana
d)  Kerala
e)  New delhi

5). Name the state govt, which has introduce pension for sportspersons? 
a)  Haryana
b)  Madhya Pradesh
c)   Punjab
d)  Uttar Pradesh
e)  Jharkhand

6). Who has been appointed as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Athletes’ Commission?
a)  Jeetu Rai
b)  Nataraja
c)   PV Sindhu
d)  Saina Nehwal
e)  Sania Mirza

7). Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare has inaugurated National Summit on Fortification of Food in which city?
a)  Chennai
b)  Punjab
c)   Mumbai
d)  New Delhi
e)  None of the above

8). World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has announced One billion US Dollar aid to _____ over the next three years to fight child malnutrition.
a)  India
b)  Pakistan
c)   Bangladesh
d)  Nepal
e)  Sri Lanka

9). Farm Tourism scheme has been started by which state government of India?
a)  Haryana
b)  Madhya Pradesh
c)   Punjab
d)  Uttar Pradesh
e)  Jharkhand

10). On October 18 scientists developed a new optical sensor to detect vitamin ____ deficiency.
a)  A12
b)  B12
c)   B62
d)  D12
e)  K12

11). Name the rocket which took off to the International Space Station (ISS) on October 18.
a)  Safir
b)  Unha
c)   Black Arrow
d)  Antares
e)  sCentaur

12). The National SC/ST hub and zero effect on environment scheme for MSME sector has been launched in which of the following cities?
a)  Rohtak
b)  Ludhiana
c)   Shimla
d)  Jabalpur
e)  Udaipur

13). Name the politician who arrived in New Delhi on October 18.
a)  Aung San Suu Kyi
b)  Doina Cornea
c)   Mahathir Mohamad
d)  Rigoberta Menchú
e)  Yelena Bonner

14). Who has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva?
a)  Abdul Majeed Khwaja
b)  Amandeep Singh Gill
c)   Narendra Hirwani
d)  Vivek Gandhi
e)  Umesh Sharma

15). The first National Tribal Carnival will be launch in which of the following cities?
a)  New Delhi
b)  Chennai
c)   Mumbai
d)  Kochin
e)  Indore

16). How many hydropower projects were inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in Himachal Pradesh?
a)  2
b)  3
c)   4
d)  5
e)  7

17). Name the nuclear submarine which was commissioned by the Indian Navy on October 17.
a)  INS Chakra
b)  INS Sindhughosh
c)   INS Khanderi
d)  INS Arihant
e)  INS Vagli

18). India signed four MoUs with which country in areas of investment cooperation and facilitation, cattle genomics,pharmaceuticals and agriculture?
a)  China
b)  Brazil
c)   USA
d)  Russia
e)  German

19). Name the Pakistani cricket player who has become the second fastest bowler to take 100 wickets in Tests.
a)  Yasir Shah
b)  Sohail Khan
c)   Junaid Khan
d)  Hasan Ali
e)  Babar Azam

20). The NCC National Games 2016 will be held in which city?
a)  Bengaluru
b)  Chennai
c)   Hyderabad
d)  Kozhikode
e)  New Delhi

21). How many medals did Indian grapplers win at the 2016 Tifsa World Games?
a)  3
b)  4
c)   6
d)  7
e)  8

22). Which country banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from airplanes?
a)  Russia
b)  Singapore
c)   Italy
d)  Japan
e)  China

23). Which economic group has decided to set up a credit ratings agency?
b)  G20
c)   G8
d)  NATO
e)  BRIS

24). In which year will the GST tax be implemented?
a)  2018
b)  2017
c)   2019
d)  2020
e)  2021

25). Which motor vehicle manufacturing company has manufactured 'Circuit', India's first electric bus?
a)  Ashok Leyland
b)  Eicher Motors
c)   Mahindra & Mahindra
d)  Preet Group Motors
e)  Sundharam motors

26). Which mobile phone manufacturing company has bagged a $230-million 4G network deal from Bharti Airtel?
a)  Nokia
b)  OnePlus
c)   QMobile
d)  Samsung
e)  Sony


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