26 Oct 2016

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for IBPS PO/Clerk Exams 2016

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for IBPS PO/Clerk Exams (24th&25th October 2016):
Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

Important Current Affairs Quiz 24th and 25th October

1).  When is United Nations Day celebrated?
a)    October 21
b)    October 22
c)    October 23
d)    October 24
e)    October 29

2). In which year was INS Viraat commissioned into the Indian Navy?
a)    1944
b)    1950
c)    1963
d)    1972
e)    1987

3).  Which city has  the Sardar Patel Hospital & Heart Institute located?
a)    Ankleshwar
b)    Jambusar
c)    Lunawada
d)    Vadodara
e)    Vapi

4). Which of the following book has been shortlisted for the Hindu Prize 2016?
a)    The Adivasi Will Not Dance by Hansda Sowendra Shekhar
b)    Andhere se ujale ki aur by Arun Jaitley
c)    Jinnah Often Came To Our House by Kiran Doshi
d)    Kalkutta by Kunal Basu 
e)    None of the above

5). Name the Bollywood actor who has been selected for the prestigious Yash Bharti Samman 2016.
a)    Aamir Khan
b)    Akshay Kumar
c)    Amitabh Bacchan
d)    Naseeruddin Shah
e)    Kamala khasan

6). What is the India’s rank in female literacy as per International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity?
a)    35
b)    36
c)    37
d)    38
e)    39

7). Name the doctors who have been selected for the prestigious Dr BC Roy Award for excellence in the field of medicine.
a)    Randeep Guleria
b)    DS Rana
c)    Arvind Kumar
d)    Both a and b
e)    All of the above

8). Who launched #Sandesh2Soldiers campaign to invite people to send letters and messages to the Indian armed forces?
a)    Manohar Parrikar
b)    Narendra Modi
c)    Pranab Mukherjee
d)    Sushma Swaraj
e)    Venkiah Naidu

9). In which state is the Itchu village located?
a)    Jammu and Kashmir
b)    Kerala
c)    Maharashtra
d)    Rajasthan
e)    Telangana

10). Name the Indian Chess player who won the Hoogeveen International chess tournament.
a)    Keshav Samant
b)    Moghai Ojah
c)    Anjana Om Kashyap
d)    Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay
e)    Abhijeet Gupta

11).  What was the theme of the 2016 World Osteoporosis Day that was observed on 20 october?
a)    Love is true : Protect Your Future
b)    Love Your Bones: Proceed Your Future
c)    Love Your Bones: Protect Your Future
d)    Real Men Build Their Strength From Within
e)    Stop at One: Make your First Break your Last

12).  Who won the 2016 United States Grand Prix?
a)    Daniel Ricciardo
b)    Lewis Hamilton
c)    Nico Rosberg
d)    Sebastian Vettel
e)    Sergio Pérez

13).  Recently which company has forayed into cooking gas retailing?
a)    Haldia Petrochemicals
b)    Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
c)    Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
d)    Reliance Industries
e)    SPIC

14).  Which State organises the Yash Bharti Awards that are conferred for excellence in literature, fine arts, folk and classical music and sports?
a)    Uttar Pradesh
b)    Bihar
c)    Sikkim
d)    Nagaland
e)    Manipur

15).  Which company has set up a cybersecurity engagement centre (CSEC) in New Delhi?
a)    Microsoft
b)    Oracle
c)    Yahoo
d)    Google
e)    Wipro

16).  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated first National Tribal Carnival in which city of India?
a)    New Delhi
b)    Varanasi
c)    Lucknow
d)    Jaipur
e)    Kochin

17).  How much will the World Bank (WB) give to the Indian Government for the third tranche for construction of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC)?
a)    $670 million
b)    $875 million
c)    $773 million
d)    $650 million
e)    $640 million

18). The government has decided to sell ____ from its buffer stock through the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) to cool prices.
a)    Chickpeas
b)    Rice
c)    Soybean
d)    Vankai
e)    Wheat

19). How much will the Central Government provide to setup a cyber security research and development fund?
a)    Rs. 1000 crore
b)    Rs. 1300 crore
c)    Rs. 1500 crore
d)    Rs. 1005 crore
e)    Rs. 1888 crore

20). The government opened the sixth tranche of the sovereign gold bond scheme(SGB). The bonds will be offered at Rs. ____ per gram.
a)    2934
b)    2906
c)    2957
d)    2988
e)    2971

21).  Cyrus Mistry was the chairman of
a)    TCS
b)    Reliance Group
c)    Sahara Group
d)    Tata Group
e)    None of the above

22). Which of the following countries has been chosen to lead Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries?
a)    Austria
b)    China
c)    India
d)    Sri Lanka
e)    USA

23).  Which of the following cities have been ratified as a venue for U-17 Football World Cup next year?
a)    Guwahati
b)    Goa
c)    New Delhi
d)    Kochi
e)    All of the above

24). Name the Bengaluru-based water tanker driver who won the Mr Asia title 2016 at the 5th Phil-Asia bodybuilding championships in the Philippines?
a)    Akhil jain
b)    Koshy Varghese
c)    Rajeev Khandelwal
d)    G Balakrishna
e)    Vargesh koda

25).  Which of the following countries has recently won 2016 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup?
a)    Brazil
b)    Japan
c)    North Korea
d)    South Korea
e)    All of the above

26). Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laucnhed Urja Ganga, the highly ambitious gas pipeline project in which city of India?
a)    New Delhi
b)    Varanasi
c)    Lucknow
d)    Jaipur
e)    Udaipur

27).  Which of the following sports has/have been included in the Olympics for the first time?
a)    Karate
b)    Surfing
c)    Skatebording
d)    Climbing
e)    All of the above

28).  Bilal Nazki has been appointed as the chairperson of
a)    Delhi Human Rights commission
b)    Kerala  Human Rights commission
c)    Sikkim Human Rights commission
d)    Madhya P radesh Human Rights commission
e)    J&K Human Rights commission

29).  Almatti dam is located in which of the following states?
a)    Andhra Pradesh
b)    Karnataka
c)    Rajasthan
d)    Telangana
e)    Uttar Pradesh

30).  Jorge Batlle was  paased away , he related to which country?
a)    Israel
b)    Norway
c)    Austria
d)    Uruguay
e)    Godavari

31).  US has sanctioned a 75 million dollars sale of military hardware to
a)    India
b)    Iran
c)    Israel
d)    Saudi Arabia
e)    UAE

32).  Mehar Mittal, who passed away recently, was the legendary actor of which language?
a)    Telugu
b)    Punjabi
c)    Malayalam
d)    Hindi
e)    Urudu

33).  Who won the 2016 European Golden Boy Award?
a)    Gianluigi Donnarumma
b)    Kingsley Coman
c)    Marcus Rashford
d)    Renato Sanches
e)    None of the above

34).  Govt to invest Rs 1 lakh crore to boost road, inland water transport in ___________?
a)    Assam
b)    Bihar
c)    Sikkim
d)    Nagaland
e)    Arunachal Pradesh 


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