1 Oct 2016

Important Tips to Crack Reasoning Section in Upcoming IBPS PO 2016

Important Tips to Crack Reasoning Section in Upcoming IBPS PO 2016
Important Tips to Crack Reasoning Section in Upcoming IBPS PO 2016:
Dear Readers, Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is going to conduct Recruitment Examinations in various cadres in the coming months. To secure good marks and qualify in IBPS Prelims 2016, here we are providing a proper study plan on how to crack IBPS Reasoning section.

Reasoning Section plays a significant role in the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exam. It is highly scoring when compared to other subjects and thus, can easily push your overall score. However, it is not that easy a subject and requires a good amount of preparation as it tests your reasoning and thinking ability.
While in IBPS Clerk Main Exam, the marks for Reasoning Section are 40, in IBPS PO Main Exam, the marks allotted are 50. Here are some tricks to help you easily crack the Reasoning Section in IBPS PO & Clerk Exams and score good marks as well.

Analyze the Exam Syllabus and the Time left for Preparation
The first and foremost step to follow is to make a list of the topics that are a part of the syllabus and allot specific time periods for the preparation of each. Try to finish of the preparation in the set time limit. Mark the topics that you full knowledge of. In this way, no topics will be left out and you will have sufficient time to pay individual attention to each topic.
Now, let’s head to the section on how to prepare for reasoning ability in IBPS PO Prelims Examination 2016.
If we analyze deeply a candidate will get 35-40 seconds to solve a Question. In case of Reasoning Ability in IBPS PO Prelims Examination, it is possible only if you have practised them well enough.

·        Don’t try to attempt all questions. Just go through the Question and make a decision. A single Question that seems to be unsolvable within 1 min is of no use.
·        Try to attempt the Easy Questions first as they will be less time consuming.

Solving Easy Difficulty Level Questions in IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Prelims 2016 which includes
·        Classification/ Odd pair
·        Series Completion/ Analogy
·        Direction based tests/ Direction Sense Test
·        Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
·        Alphabet test/ Dictionary
You can expect around 10-12 questions from this category in IBPS PO Prelims 2016. So, make sure you are able to attempt most of them.

Solving Medium Difficulty Level Questions in IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Prelims 2016 which includes:
·        Syllogisms
·        Inequalities
·        Blood Relations
·        Coding-Decoding
·        Data Sufficiency
For IBPS PO Reasoning Ability 2016, we expect around 15-17 Questions from this category and you need to get on with your preparation if you wish to solve them optimally.

Solving High Difficulty Level Questions in IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Prelims 2016 that includes:
·        Seating Arrangement
·        Complex Puzzle
·        Floor Puzzle
·        Input Output Machine
For IBPS PO Reasoning Ability 2016, it is expected that there will be 8-10 High Difficulty Level Questions. It is on you to attempt them or skip them.
Once you are able to sort out the priority topics from reasoning section, your task becomes easier. Following the above information, you should make out which topic needs your constant attention. Now, let’s have a look at some preparation tips and strategy on how to prepare for reasoning ability section.

Previous Years IBPS PO Exam Papers & Mock Test Series
This goes for every recruitment examination and applies everywhere. You can never be fully confident about a paper unless you solve the actual one, and the previous year papers are the best ‘net practice’ for you before the real match.

You need to solve previous years IBPS Exam Previous Papers first and your objectives should be as follows:
·        Understanding which topics were important in IBPS PO Examination
·        Were the questions easy, moderate or difficult to solve?
·        How much time you were able to dedicate to each section?
·        What was your correct/ incorrect ratio while attempting?
·        Where you able to score above the IBPS PO Cutoff of that year?
A complete analysis will help you understand where you actually stand. Hence, with the analysis in mind, proceed further and solve IBPS PO Mock Tests and further strengthen your hold not only in IBPS PO Reasoning Ability section but the entire paper.

All the Best!!!