27 Oct 2016

Practice English Questions for IBPS PO/RRB/Clerk 2016 with Explanation

Practice English Questions for IBPS PO/RRB/Clerk 2016 with Explanation
Practice English Questions for IBPS PO/RRB/Clerk 2016 Set-33:
Dear Readers, we have given here the English Practice Questions for upcoming IBPS PO/ RRB/ Clerk Exam 2016. Candidates can use this material for their preparations.

Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (e). Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.

1). a) Krishna was just an infant, when he kicked at chakatasura,/ b) the demon who came as a wheel and killed him. /c) indicating to us, that our problems can also be kicked out existence by him, /d) if we only approach him./e) No error.

2). a) We are not advocating death penalty/b) but we want those convicted by the highest court. /c) of carry out a heinous act to undergo/ d) the punishment meted out by the court./ e) No error.

3). a) The erosion of public support/ b) for the abolition of capital punishment, /c) as society may tend to view life terms cynically, /d) an oblique means of releasing convicts after some years./e) No error.

4). a) Preserve her public sector character,/ b) she has been asked not to dilute the government shareholding to below 50 per cent, /c) of her paid-up capital, /d) so for all practical purposes she has to turn to her majority owner, the government, for additional capital./e) No error.

5). a) He shows how the forgotten people/ b) oppressed and the women whose voices were silenced, /c) under an overarching control by male priests, /d) and their translations were in fact crucial to the formation of modern Hinduism. /e) No error.

6). a) The war has taken at least one lac lives / b) and displaced about a million people / c) Many of whom is barely surviving / d) In terrible conditions / e) No error.

7). a) This harassment has settled in a pattern / b) whose very predictability / c) is one of the few / d) stable elements in the dispute. / e) No error.

8). a) I want to take students / b) across some of the things they know / c) and have seen in popular culture / d) to the deeper and more nuanced history. / e) No error

9). a) On the contrery, such a hurried more / b) raises a legitimate concern that / c) the potential implications of the step for other cases / d) may not have been factored into this politically calculated decision. / e) No error

10). a) Whether or not Ritika should be released / b) would depend on either there were / c) still legitimate penological grounds for her continued detention / d) and whether she should continue to be detained on grounds of dangerousness. / e) No error

Answer Key with Explanation:
1). C); Add ‘of ’ before kicked out.
2). C); Replace ‘carry’ with ‘carrying’
3). D); Add ‘as’ before an oblique
4). A); Add ‘to’ before preserve
5). B); Add ‘the’ before oppressed
6). C); Replace ‘is’ with ‘are’
7). A); Replace ‘in’ with ‘into’
8). B); Replace ‘across’ with ‘beyond’
9). A); The correct spelling is contrary

10). B); Replace ‘either’ with ‘whether’

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