1 Nov 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016
Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-24:
Dear Readers, IBPS PO examination 2016 is approaching shortly and we hope that you all preparing well for it. Here we have started providing Expected General Awareness Questions which consist of questions from Current Affairs, Banking Industry and Static GK. Kindly make use of it. If you required any Study Materials send your request to this email- admin@ibpsguide.com

1). Reliance Jio has authorised which of the following banks to carry out its One-click payment service?
a)    SBI
b)    AXIS Bank
c)    HDFC Bank
d)    Federal Bank
e)    Laxmi Vilas Bank

2). The length of a certificate of deposit may vary from
a)    1 day to 1 year
b)    30 days & 1 year
c)    7 days & 1 year
d)    1 day to 15 days
e)    None of the above

3). EXIM Bank is headquartered in
a)    Jaipur
b)    Delhi
c)    Mumbai
d)    Chennai
e)    Kolkata

4). ‘Krishi Kalyan’ cess has been decided to be levied at
a)    0.15%
b)    0.25%
c)    0.50%
d)    1.5%
e)    2.5%

5). What is the limit on the amount that can be transferred using NEFT under Corporate Internet Banking?
a)    Rs. 20 lakh
b)    Rs. 50 lakh
c)    Rs. 35 lakh
d)    Rs. 5 lakh
e)    No limit

6). Tehri dam is located on which river__________?
a)    Narmada
b)    Koyna
c)    Bhagirathi
d)    Krishna
e)    None of these

7). Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station is located in which state_________?
a)    Maharashtra
b)    Madhya Pradesh
c)    Chhattisgarh
d)    Gujarat
e)    None of these

8). Which of the following is the folk dance of Rajasthan_________?
a)    Bhangra
b)    Changu
c)    Ghoomar
d)    Dumhal
e)    None of these

9). Golden Fibre Revolution was associated with the production of___________.
a)    Onion production/Pharmaceutical
b)    Meat & Tomato Production
c)    Cocoa production
d)    Jute Production
e)    None of these

10). The Salar Jung Museum located in which city___________.
a)    Amritsar, Punjab
b)    Jaipur, Rajasthan
c)    Hyderabad, Telangana
d)    Bangalore
e)    None of these

11). International Day of Older Persons is observed on
a)    1st October
b)    2nd October
c)    30th September
d)    29th September
e)    1st September

12). The Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the inaugural address at INDOSAN the India Sanitation Conference in_______?
a)    Andhra Pradesh
b)    Himachal Pradesh
c)    New Delhi
d)    Sikkim
e)    Varannasi

13). Which of the following state Tops in Urban Reforms under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) during 2015-16?
a)    Tamil Nadu
b)    Andhra Pradesh
c)    Rajasthan
d)    Telangana
e)    Arunachal Pradesh

14). Rs _______Cr Declared Under income Disclosure Scheme?
a)    75,250
b)    65,250
c)    55,250
d)    45,250
e)    35,250

15). Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India is now organizing the second edition of ‘Advantage Health Care India 2016 (AHCI 2016) in______?
a)    New Delhi
b)    Mumbai
c)    Hyderabad
d)    Kolkata
e)    Noida

16). Which of the following country launched ‘Shut Up’ Tube Chat Campaign?
a)    India
b)    USA
c)    UK
d)    China
e)    Japan

17). Recently which of the following state\ UT Joins Regional Connectivity Scheme?
a)    Gujarat
b)    Maharashtra
c)    Chhattisgarh
d)    Puducherry
e)    Jharkhand

18). Who has taken over as the Chairman and Managing Director of state-run Power Finance Corporation (PFC)
a)    Rajeev Sharma
b)    Rakesh Sharma
c)    Parvez Ahmad
d)    Ram Sharma
e)    Arun Sharma

19). Parvez Ahmad will take charge as the next Chairman-cum-Chief Executive Officer of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. He will replace?
a)    Mushtaq Muhamood
b)    Mushtaq Ahmad
c)    M K Goel
d)    Rakesh Sharma
e)    M K Ahmad

20). Name the school, which has been awarded by PM Narendra Modi as the cleanest school in the country?
a)    Gyandeep Shiksha Niketan
b)    Bhai Parmamand Vidya Mandir
c)    Kendriya Vidyalaya
d)    Saroj Montessori
e)    Sardar Patel Modern School

1).d)  2).c)  3).c)  4).c)  5).e)  6).c)  7).a)  8).c)  9).d)  10).c)   11).a)  12).c)  13).a)  14).b)  15).e)  16).c)  17).d)  18).a)  19).b)  20).c)