8 Nov 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains 2016

Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016
Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-28:
Dear Readers, IBPS PO examination 2016 is approaching shortly and we hope that you all preparing well for it. Here we have started providing Expected General Awareness Questions which consist of questions from Current Affairs, Banking Industry and Static GK. Kindly make use of it. If you required any Study Materials send your request to this email- admin@ibpsguide.com

1) . NEFT and RTGS in banking terminology speaks of
a)    Various deposit products
b)    Various loan products
c)    Electronic Payment Products within a bank
d)    Electronic Fund Transfer from bank to bank
e)    Cheque Truncation Process

2). The Head Quarters of the World Bank is located in ______.
a)    London
b)    Paris
c)    New York
d)    Tokyo
e)    Washington D.C

3). The ownership of Public sector banks rests.
a)    Wholly with Government of India
b)    Jointly with Government of India and State Bank of India
c)    Wholly with share holder from the public
d)    Jointly with Government of India and Reserve Bank of India.
e)    Jointly with Government of India and Shareholders from the public.

4). Nonperforming assets mean ________
a)    The assets have stopped giving losses to a bank
b)    The assets have stopped giving capital to a bank
c)    The assets have stopped giving income to a bank
d)    The assets have stopped giving income and expenses to a bank
e)    The assets have stopped giving expenses to a bank

5). Which of the following banks in India has maximum number of branches and ATMs in India?
a)    IDBI Bank
b)    Bank of India
c)    Punjab National Bank
d)    ICICI Bank
e)    State Bank of India

6). The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at_________
a)    Gujarat
b)    Odisha
c)    Kerala
d)    Karnataka
e)    None of these

7). What is the capital of Jharkhand___________
a)    Imphal
b)    Ranchi
c)    Dispur
d)    Itanagar
e)    None of these

8). Where is the head quarter of World bank ____________
a)    Paris, France
b)    Jeneva,Switzerland
c)    New york, US
d)    Washington DC, US
e)    E.None of these

9). ” One Family,One bank ” is which bank’s tagline_____________
a)    Allahabad Bank
b)    Bank of India
c)    Bank of Maharashtra
d)    Bank of Baroda
e)    None of these

10).  Mehrangarh Fort located in which city____________
a)    Jodhpur, Rajasthan
b)    Amritsar, Punjab
c)    Hyderabad, Telangana
d)    Jaipur, Rajasthan
e)    None of these

11).  sultan azlan shah cup is associated with the game of____________
a)    Basketball
b)    Football
c)    Cricket
d)    Hockey
e)    None of these

12).  Country's economic growth recorded ________ percent in first quarter of current fiscal
a)    7.1%
b)    7.3%
c)    6.9%
d)    7%
e)    6.5%

13).  Who was appointed as the U.N. Women’s advocate for Gender Equality?
a)    Priya Dhanush
b)    Sonam Kapoor
c)    Aishwarya Dhanush
d)    Sneha Agarwal
e)    None of these

14).  The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) has appointed whom as the new Chancellor of Teri University?
a)    Harish Jain
b)    Rajan Sinha
c)    Amitabh Kanth
d)    Ashok Chawla
e)    None of these

15).  Along with Bezwada Wilson who among the following Carnatic singer receives Ramon Magsaysay prize for 2016?
a)    Sudha Raghunadhan
b)    P. Uniikrishnan
c)    Sanjay Subramanyam
d)    Abhishek Raghuram
e)    T.M. Krishna

16).  Which of the following country ranked world’s top exporter of information, communication technology?
a)    USA
b)    China
c)    UK
d)    Russia
e)    None of these

17).  What is the name of 22nd district of Haryana?
a)    Dadri
b)    Jind
c)    Hisar
d)    Mahendragarh
e)    Karnal

18).  Selfie with my Shauchalya' started which of the following city of Punjab ?
a)    Patiala
b)    Mansa
c)    Patiala
d)    Ludhiana
e)    Rupnagar

19).  Name the state, which has host 2-day national conference on labour?
a)    Odisha
b)    Maharashtra
c)    Andhra Pradesh
d)    Madhya Pradesh
e)    Telangana

20).  which of the following state has Tops in Industrial Investments?
a)    Maharashtra
b)    Andhra Pradesh
c)    Tamil Nadu
d)    Gujarat
e)    Karnataka

21).  Govt to set INR 4000 cr overhaul of _________ check posts for GST?
a)    80
b)    90
c)    45
d)    66
e)    45 


1).d)  2).e)  3).e)  4).c)  5).e)  6).c)  7).b)  8).d)  9).c)  10).a)   11).d)  12).a)  13).c)  14).d)  15).e)  16).e)  17).a)  18).d)  19).a)  20).b  21).a