18 Nov 2016

IBPS Clerk/RRB 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Linear Seating Arrangement)

IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions
IBPS Clerk/RRB 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions Set-36:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming IBPS RRB/Clerk Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

Q 1-5: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
I. P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting on a wall and all of them are facing West.
II. S is on the immediate left of R.
III. T is at an extreme end and has Q as his neighbor.
IV. V is between Q and U.
V. S is sitting third from the north end.
1). Who is sitting to the left of S ?
a)   Q
b)   U
c)   T
d)   R
e)   P
2). Which of the following pairs of people are sitting at the extreme ends ?
a)   QV
b)   PR
c)   TP
d)   ST
e)   VP
3). Name the person who should change places with R such that he gets the fourth place from the south end.
a)   P
b)   S
c)   Q
d)   T
e)   U
4). Immediately between which of the following pairs of people S is sitting ?
a)   UR
b)   PQ
c)   VP
d)   TU
e)   RV
5). Which of the conditions given above are not required to find out the place in which P is sitting ?
a)   I
b)   II
c)   IV
d)   III
e)   All required

Q 6-10: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
I. There are seven books one each on Tamil, Hindi, English, History, Economics, Science and Accountancy, lying on a table one above the other.
II. Tamil is on the top of all the books.
III. Accountancy is immediately below Science which is immediately below Tamil.
IV. Economics is immediately above History but not in the middle.
V. History is immediately above Hindi.
6). Economics is between which of the following books?
a)   Accountancy and Science
b)   History and Hindi
c)   English and Tamil
d)   Tamil and History
e)   English and History
7). Which three books are between Accountancy and Hindi?
a)   English, Economics and History
b)   Economics, History and Science.
c)   Economics, History and Hindi
d)   Science, Hindi and Economics
e)   None of these
8). If Tamil and English, Accountancy and Hindi and Education and History interchange their positions, which book will be between Tamil and History?
a)   Accountancy
b)   History
c)   Economics
d)   Hindi
e)   Science
9). After interchanging the position of History and Tamil, how many books will be between Science and Tamil?
a)   2
b)   3
c)   4
d)   1
e)   None
10). Which book is at fifth position from bottom after interchanging Accountancy and Economics?
a)   Accountancy
b)   Hindi
c)   Economics
d)   History
e)   None of these

Q 1-5: SEQUENCE:    Facing West        

 1. b  2. c  3. e 4. a  5. e
Q 6-10: SEQUENCE:   Top to Bottom

6. e  7. a  8. d  9. b  10. c

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