14 Nov 2016

IBPS RRB/Clerk Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test - 95

IBPS RRB/Clerk Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test - 80
IBPS PO/RRB/Clerk Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-95:
Dear Readers, IBPS RRB/Clerk Exam 2016 was approaching, for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the three sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

1).  Two trains, 250 metres and 150 metres long respectively, are running on parallel lines. If they are running in the same directions, the faster train crosses the slower train in 50 seconds. If they are moving in the opposite direction they pass each other in eight seconds. What is the speed of the slower train?
a)    108kmph    
b)    82kmph      
c)    92 kmph      
d)    72 kmph
e)    None of these

2). A train which has 400 m long, is running 45 kmph. In what time will it cross a person moving at 9 kmph in same direction ?
a)    26 sec         
b)    40 sec         
c)    36 sec          
d)    29 sec
e)    None of these

3).  Harish borrowed Rs.600 @ 3% per annum  S.I and Rs.800 @ 4½ % per annum on the agreement that the whole sum will be returned only when the total interest becomes Rs.246. The number of years, after which the borrowed sum is to be returned, is
a)    2 years        
b)    3years         
c)    4 years        
d)    5 years
e)    None of these

4).  A sum of Rs.13000 is divided into three parts such that the simple interests accrued on them for two, three and four years respectively may be equal. Find the amount deposited for 4 years.
a)    5000
b)    6000          
c)    4000            
d)    3000
e)    None of these

5).  If the simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 5% per annum is Rs.50, what is the compound interest on the same at the same rate and for the same time?
a)    Rs. 52          
b)    Rs. 51.25     
c)    Rs. 54.25     
d)    Rs. 60
e)    None of these

6). Niresh walks 4 km towards west, then turns to his right to travel 9 km. He turns towards east and travels 12 km. Finally, he travels 3 km towards south. How far is he from the initial position (in km) ?
a)    15
b)    23
c)    18
d)    10
e)    28

7).  Two ladies and two men are playing cards and are seated at North, East, South and West of a table. No men is facing East. Persons sitting opposite to each other are not of the same sex. One lady is facing South. Which directions are the men facing?
a)    East and West
b)    South and East
c)    North and East
d)    North and West
e)    None of these

8).  Boopathi travels 7 km towards south and then 5 km towards his left. He further travels 5 km towards south. How far is he from the starting point?
a)    13 km
b)    9 km
c)    √149 km
d)    √119 km  
e)    22 km

9). Shalu, introducing a person to Rinku, said "He is the father of your sister's son and he is also my mother's husband". How is Shaluu's father related to Rinku's mother ?
a)    Nephew
b)    Uncle
c)    Son-in-law
d)    Father
e)    None of these

10).  My mother's brother's son's mother is related to my maternal aunt as
a)    Sister-in-law
b)    Cousin
c)    Aunt
d)    Mother-in-law
e)    Mother

Directions (Q. 11-15): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is e). (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

11). a) Being a rainy day/ b) we cancelled/ c) our programme to/ d) visit the zoo. / e) No error.

12). a) By gravitation/ b) the sun and the planets/ c) act and react/ d) upon each other. / e) No error.

13). a) The title of the book/ b) under reviewing is in a way/ c) tantalizing but the author/ d) clears the mystery in his preface. / e) No error.

14). a) Assessment by external agency/ b) of the work of institutions/ c) assumes importance/ d) when it comes to quality. / e) No error.

15). a) His comments on the record of/ b) political parties should leave the reader/ c) brooding over the none too encouraging/ d) scene in the country. / e) No error.

16). FDI stands for?
a)    Foreign Diverse Investment
b)    Foreign Dealers in India
c)    Frequent Direct Interest
d)    Foreign Direct Investment
e)    Frequent Direct Investment

17). Who has been appointed as the Secretary of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
a)    Bhaskar Khulbe
b)    B. Chandrakala
c)    Nripendra Misra
d)    Armstrong Pame
e)    None of the above

18). Which of the following is largest credit agency in India ?
a)    ONICRA
b)    CRISIL
c)    SMERA
d)    CARE
e)    None of these

19). Who has been appointed as the Head of International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission?
a)    Neetha Ambani
b)    None of the blow
c)    Thomas Bach
d)    Angela Ruggiero
e)    Claudia Bokel

20). Subroto cup is related to which game ?
a)    Badminton
b)    Cricket
c)    Football
d)    Hockey
e)    None of these

21). _____ makes it possible for shoppers to make purchases using their computers.
a)    E-world
b)    E-commerce
c)    E-spend
d)    E-business
e)    None of these

22). The term ____ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.
a)    digital device
b)    system add-on
c)    disk pack
d)    peripheral device
e)    None of these

23). The ____ of software contains list of commands and options.
a)    menu bar
b)    title bar
c)    formula bar
d)    toolbar
e)    None of these

24). Applications are often referred to as-
a)    data file
b)    executable files
c)    system software
d)    the operating system
e)    None of the above

25). How is it possible that both programs and data can be stored on the same floppy disk?
a)    A floppy disk has two sides, one for data and one for programs.
b)    programs and data are both software, and both can be stored on any memory device.
c)    A floppy disk has to be formatted for one or for the other.
d)    Floppy disks can only store data, not programs.
e)    None of these.

1)d   2)b   3)c   4)d   5)b   6)d   7)d   8)a   9)c   10)a   11)a   12)d   13)b   14)a   15)e   16)d   17)a  18)b   19)d   20)c  21)b   22)d   23)a   24)b   25)b

1). d) Let the speed of faster train be x and slower train be y.
Time taken to cross each other traveling in the same direction = 250 +150/ (x-y) = 50………(1)
Time taken to cross each other traveling in the opposite direction = 250+150 /(x+y) = 8 …….(2)
From (1) and (2) x = 29 m/s and y = 21 m/s
Speed of slower train = 21 * 18/5 = 75.6 kmph
2). b) Time taken to cross a moving person = length of train/ relative speed                      Time taken = 400/((45-9) (5/18) = 400/ 36*(5/18) = 400/10 = 40  sec.
3). c) Let the time be x years. Then (600 *3* x)/100 + (800*9*x)/(2*100) = 24
18x+ 36x = 246 ;   x = 246/54 = 4 years
Required time = 4 years
4). d) Let the amounts be x, y, z in ascending order of value. As the interest rate and interest accrued are same for 4 years 3 years and 2 years i.e. 4x = 3y = 2z  = k.
L.C.M. of 4,3,2 = 12 So x:y:z: = 3000 : 4000 :6000
The amount deposited for 4 years = 3000.
5). b) Simple interest for 2 years = Rs.50 ie. For 1 years Rs. 25. . In the first year the S.I and C.I are same ie.Rs. 25. So in  the 2nd year  in C.I calculated for 1 years interest also. So in second years for Rs.25 interest is 25*5/100 = 1.25 . So total C.P = 51.25.
From the figure, the distance OE is to be calculated. In triangle ODE, OE = √(OD2) + (DE2)

= √(BC - AO)2 + (AB - CE)2
OE = √(82 + 62) = 10km.
7). d) No man  facing east means a lady faces east. Persons opposite are not of same sex. So, a man will be facing west. Again, a woman faces south. So, opposite to her will be a man facing north.
8). a)
He starts at S and reached E.
Now we have to find SE.
SE = √(SO2 + OE2)
SO = 7 + 5 = 12.
OE = 5
SE = √(122 + 52) = 13 km.

9). c) He is the father of Rinku's Sister's son means he is Rinku's Sister's husband. He is also Shaluu's mother's husband means Shalu's mother is Shaluu's sister. Now, Shaluu's father is Rinku's brother-in-law. i.e. Shaluu's father is Rinku's mother's son-in-law.

10). a) My mother's brother's son's mother is my mother's brother's wife. i.e. my mother's sister-in-law. My mother's sister-in-law is my maternal aunt's sister-in-law.

Directions (Q. 11-15):
11). a) The sentence start as – It being a rainy day ….
12). d) It should be – upon one another.
13). b) Replace reviewing with review.
14). a) Add an before external.
15). e)


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