21 Nov 2016

Important Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB 2016

Important Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS PO/Clerk 2016
Important Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerk/RRB 2016 Set-68:
Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

1).  Which of the following is not classified as a commercial Bank ?
a)    Regional Rural Bank
b)    Private Sector Bank
c)    Foreign Bank
d)    Co-operative Bank
e)    None of these

2). Which among the following is a qualitative tool of monetary policy?
a)    Bank Rate
b)    Credit Ceiling
c)    Credit rationing
d)    Cash Reserve Ratio
e)    Repo Rate

3). from time – to – time, which among the following body publishes the “exchange control Manual” in context with the foreign exchange in India?
a)    foreign trade promotion board
b)    department of commerce
c)    reserve bank of India
d)    SEBI
e)    None of the above

4).  Mortgage is a ______.
a)    Security on immovable property for a loan given by a bank
b)    Security on movable property for a loan given by a bank
c)    Security on immovable property for a deposit received by a bank
d)    Concession on immovable property for a loan given by a bank
e)    None of these

5). Which one of the following regions of India is not connected to the Integrated Power Transmission Grid ‘National Grid’ synchronously?

a)    Northern region
b)    Eastern region
c)    North-Eastern region
d)    Southern region
e)    Western Region

6). What is the validity period of the kisan credit card?
a)    2 years
b)    3 years
c)    4 years
d)    5 years
e)    6 years

7).  Which bank has launched the country’s first contactless debit and credit cards on 7 January 2015?
a)    HDFC
b)    SBI
c)    ICICI
d)    Union Bank of India
e)    Yes Bank

8). In recent times, the term Gold ETF was making news. Which among the following closest instrument to Gold ETF?
a)    Debenture
b)    G-Sec security
c)    Mutual Fund
d)    Commercial Paper
e)    IPO

9).  Which of the following is the largest (in terms of profit) public sector organization in India?
a)    Bharat petroleum corporation Ltd.
b)    steel authority of India
c)    Indian oil corporation
d)    oil and natural gas commission
e)    Hindustan petroleum corporation Ltd.

10).  Which is the first bank to get ISO certificate?
a)    Corporation Bank
b)    UBI
c)    Canara Bank
d)    Syndicate Bank
e)    ICICI

1)d   2)c   3)c   4)a  5)d   6)d  7)c   8)c   9)d   10)c 

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