8 Nov 2016

Tips for Error Spotting - Correct Usage of Articles

Tips for Error Spotting - Correct Usage of Articles
Tips for Error Spotting - Correct Usage of Articles:
Dear Readers, here we have given the important tips for the Correct Usage of Articles in Spot Errors which will help the aspirants to face the English Section.

Article A or An is used before a singular noun. The choice between A or An is determined by the first sound of pronunciation (not by the letter of alphabet even it may be A, E, I, O, U) of the noun. If it is pronounced with vowel sound, use An otherwise A.

·         He is an honest man
·         He is a European
·         He is an MLA
·         He is an SDO

Look at the following words and the use of “A” of “An” before them. Students generally make mistake using A or An before these words.

1.) An hour
21). A one rupee note
2). An hourly meeting
22). A one eyed man
3). An hour’s daybreak
23). A uniform
4). An honors
24). A useful book
5). An honorary post
25). A useful feature
6). An honorable person
26). A unique decision
7). An honest man
27). A united front
8). An heir
28). A unified plan
9). An honorarium
29). A year
10). A house
30). A USA ally
11). A historical fair
31). An FO
12). A humble person
32). A forest officer
13). A husband
33). An MP/MLA
14). A heinous crime
34). A member of society
15). A young man
35). An IAS/ IPS/ ILO
16). A ewe
36). An SP/ SDO
17). A university
37). An MA/ MSc.
18). A unity
38). An RTS/ RTC
19). A union
39). An RC worker
20). A eulogy
40). A UK-based company

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