29 May 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017
[Dated: 29th May] Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Exams 2017 (26th & 27th May 2017):
Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.

1).Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated the country’s longest bridge in which state?
a)   Haryana
b)   west Bengal
c)   Assam
d)   Telangana
e)   Andhra Pradesh

2).what is the length of the country’s longest bridge which was inaugurated by our PM Modi recently?
a)   9.5 km
b)   9.15 km
c)   8.25 km
d)   8.75 km
e)   9.25 km

3).Which state government recently launched JE (Japanese Encephalitis) vaccination drive in 38 districts?
a)   Bihar
b)   Orissa
c)   Punjab
d)   Uttar Pradesh
e)   Madhya Pradesh

4).Telangana recently made a Record procurement of which crop?
a)   Maize
b)   Millets
c)   Wheat
d)   Pulses
e)   Paddy

5).The government has selected five merchant bankers to manage its three per cent stake sale in Indian Oil Corporation, which of the following bank is not in the selected list of 5 banks?
a)   Goldman Sachs
b)   Citigroup
c)   Deutsche Equities
d)   SBI Capital Markets
e)   Axis Securities.

6).Which South African batsman recently announced his retirement by the end of 2017?
a)   Jacques Rudolph
b)   AB de Villiers
c)   Hashimamla
d)   quinton de cock
e)   Faf du plessis

7).Which Indian player recently won bronze medal in junior men 10m air pistol in the 27th Meeting of Shooting Hopes international competition held at Czech Republic?
a)   Ankurmittal
b)   Ravi kumar
c)   Abhinavbindra
d)   Chain singh
e)   SaurabhChaudhary

8).Which union minister recently released the short films made by Doordarshan on 3years of NDA Government?
a)   Mr.Arunjaitley
b)   Mr.Ram vilaspaswan
c)   Mr.Harshvardhan
d)   Mr.venkaiahnaidu
e)   Mr.Prakashjavadekar

9). Minister of state for Rural development shri Ram Kripal Yadav recently said that the government sets target of building 1 crore houses in rural areas by which year?
a)   2019
b)   2020
c)   2022
d)   2025
e)   2023

10). World Bank has offered to help to work towards Open Defecation Free, ODF, plus status for which state?
a)   Rajasthan
b)   Gujarat
c)   Maharashtra
d)   Haryana
e)   Tamil nadu

11). Marat Safin has announced recently that he is stepping down as a law maker in the Russian parliament after six years. He was a retired professional player of which game?
a)   Football
b)   Tennis
c)   Hockey
d)   Rugby
e)   Ice hockey

12). Recently how many agreements have been signed between India and Mauritius?
a)   Four
b)   Three
c)   Five
d)   Six
e)   Two