7 Jun 2017

Crack English Session (Day-3): Important Tips to Attend Cloze Test (Based on New Pattern) Along with Exercise Questions (Answers Updated)

Crack English Session (Day-3): Important Tips to Attend Cloze Test (Based on New Pattern) Along with Exercise Questions
Daily Session to Crack English (Day-3): Important Tips to Attend Cloze Test (Based on New Pattern) Along with Exercise Questions:
Dear Aspirants, In Today’s Session we are going to discuss about the Important Tips to Attend Cloze Test (Based on New Pattern) Along with Exercise Questions. Candidates those who are preparing for upcoming SBI Clerk / IBPS Exams 2017 and all other competitive exams can use this.

Exercise Question
Directions (Q. 1-10): In the passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (A),(B),(C) and (D). You have to tell which word will best suit the respective blank. Mark (E) as your answer if the work given in bold after the  blank is your answer i.e “No change required”.
When we discuss about discrimination then in our country, we felt discrimination even in the game of chess, as the white piece is moved first. People are not disabled (1) ______ (through) their choice. It occurs. Congenital since birth, progressive degeneration is a medical condition or due to an accident. This disabled with (2) ______ (Avow) support from family and doctors learn to (3) ______  (flow) with the new reality and fit in a society which is not compatible both attitudinally and infrastructural. I am suffering from an injury and a permanent disability due to an accident. More than 2 million people in India are suffering from this devastating, life- altering injury due to accidents. There is no cure, only lifelong rehabilitation can allow us to have a (4) ______  ( threshold) quality of life. At no point could I go to a store and ask, "Could you please give a (5) ______ (stern) of kilos of dignity?" In exchange for some money. No one can buy dignity or self-respect or expect it to be (6) ______  (convene) out to us (7) ______  (lessen) take is that as soon as we ask, expect or demand, we (8) ______  (become) smaller, lower, inferior and weaker. This would be undignified to say the least. We, the people with disability, have (9) ______ (there) earn and command dignity. We earn respect for what we do and achieve and how we achieve it. Also for our character (10) ______ (ardently) human beings first and foremost.

a)   derange
b)   by
c)   with
d)   to
e)   No Changes Required
a)   spotless
b)   segregate
c)   elegant
d)   immense
e)   No Changes Required
a)   cope
b)   play
c)   trench
d)   curtail
e)   No Changes Required
a)   slander
b)   drudge
c)   thwart
d)   unused
e)   No Changes Required
a)   ascetic
b)   innate
c)   couple
d)   sobriety
e)   No Changes Required
a)   doled
b)   ease
c)   officious
d)   stout
e)   No Changes Required
a)   Restore
b)   my
c)   hazy
d)   naive
e)   No Changes Required
a)   Emend
b)   pleasure
c)   senile
d)   active
e)   No Changes Required
a)   now
b)   been
c)   to
d)   mend
e)   No Changes Required
a)   soon
b)   will
c)   and
d)   as
e)   No Changes Required

Tips to attend the above Cloze Test question:
·        Leave the options and blanks, read the passage twice and do not spent more than two minutes.
·        See the bracketed words near black which seem to be simple for you.
·        Read the options which have simple words and try to fill appropriate word.
·        Know how to use prepositions like ‘from’ which is used for starting point; ‘to’ is used for end point or towards the point. Explanation for all prepositions will be given in upcoming sessions.
·        Try to fill the words in options first and then check the bracketed word.
·        When you feel the options seem to be giving misconception then choose option ‘E’. It is not necessary to replace bracketed words always.
·        If you feel confused in options or confused in interpret meaning leave the option.
·        Spent 5 minutes in filling. Then again read the passage whether it is giving sensible meaning or not. Spent one minute for it.. If you find any struck while interpreting then there in some error so leave that option. Accuracy is important.
·        After completing test note down all tough words in options as well as in passage. See the meaning for it. Then again at ease read the passage, see explanation and notes given to you by our team.
·        Grammar is also necessary if you can interpret all meaning then no need to learn grammar in a hectic way. But if you can’t able to find meaning for all the words, then grammar will help you, based on which timing and in which situation it is happening. So that you able to know its gist.

Detailed Explanation:
·        Discrimination – the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
·        Congenital – inherited
·        Degeneration – deterioration or collapse
·        Avow – assert or confess openly.
·        Compatible –  well-matched
·        Attitudinal – relating to, based on, or expressive of personal attitudes or feelings
·        Infrastructural – relating to the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.
·        Devastating – shocking, distressing
·        Rehabilitation – the state of being into remedy, treatment, healing
·        Stern – hard-hearted, severe, firm
·        Convene – assemble or bring together
·        Ardently – eagerly, with warmth
·        Derange – cause to become insane
·        Segregate – set apart from the rest, isolate, or divide.
·        Elegant – pleasingly graceful
·        Immense – extremely large or great in scale or degree
·        Cope – deal effectively with something difficult
·        Trench – ditch, drain, gutter
·        Curtail – limit, cut back, reduce
·        Slander - smear, disparage, defame
·        Drudge – menial, tedious boring worker
·        Thwart - prevent, frustrate, put a stop to
·        Ascetic – severe, frugal, stern
·        Innate – instinctive, native, natural.
·        Sobriety – soberness, moderation, abstinence
·        Doled – distribute shares of something,
·        Hazy – obscure, foggy..
·        Naïve - immature, in experienced
·        Emend – revise, alter, correct
·        Senile – having the weakness of old age, Mend – something that is damaged or broken.
1)   Through – moving in one side and coming out in another side(eg: moving in tunnel)
Via – by the use of, passing through, by the means of
Cross – annoyed, snappy, intersect, interconnect
Across – cross way side
Along – by the side of, all length of (eg: moving in the shore of river)
2)   Beside & besides
Beside – at the side of, next to
Besides – in addition to,  apart from
3)   As is used
To express time,(eg: As I left the house I remembered the key)
For parallel actions (eg: He sang as he worked).
For parallel development(eg: As the sun rose the fog disappeared)
4)   Possessive pronouns like
my , our , your, his, her , it, their, follows must be a noun or noun clause. Noun comes after the pronoun.
eg: This is my pen.
mine , ours, yours, his, hers, its, theirs, pronoun takes subjective part.
Eg: This pen is mine.
5)   Now is used in present tense.
6)   BEEN is used in all perfect tense of passive voice.
7)   CONJUNCTIONS like AND,BUT, OR  is used in between of two equal caders like noun-noun, phrases-phrase, clause-clause. eg vino and mala are friends.
8)   With – in addition to, In the company of, plus
9)    BY – identifying the agent performing an action.
10)Here – object which is closer as well as used in direct speech and present tense.
There – object which is farther as well as used in indirect and past tense.
Answer Key:

    1)B  2)D  3)A  4)E  5)C  6)A  7)B  8)E  9)C  10)D

Note: In the above explanation we have mentioned some Basic Grammar Topics like Conjunctions and Pronoun etc, in the upcoming days we will explain all the basic grammar topics in detailed manner kindly follow the session regularly.

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